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After a bit of positive press in W.Va. for Sasquatch Watch of Va., Carmine heads east and just happens to get a lead on a video in an adjoining state while he is out there.  More press, more superlatives and suddenly he has found a video even better than P&G.  His “crew” is amazed by it and he now represents the owner of the video.  Just more of the monthly buzz to see if it gets better traction than the nail, the photoshopped pics or the last ground breaking video?   Time will tell but this road seems awfully familiar.


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First, apologies for the lack of content update but rivers and life outside the world of bigfootery called.  We have recently returned from a bigfootery related trip that was an eye opener for the staff here, you can look forward to a few articles on who we met, what we did and what  we learned.  Some of it was downright cloak and dagger.
But back to the topic above, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Readers will likely remember the early summer flap with Leigh Hart and his attendance at a conference in Ohio.  He managed to play the organizer and those in attendance as suckers, his op-ed piece upon returning to NZ lit up bigfootery and some of the attendees pretty well.  Greater bigfootery was aghast at his impudence, scathing blogs were written, nasty emails to Hart and to his publishers were written and he eventually offered an apology of sorts.
And throughout this whole sad saga only The Bigfootery Enquirer had the critical thinking skills and chutzpah to ask the difficult questions of how and why this happened.  Our conclusion was that Keating, the sole proprietor of the lucrative event, allowed it to happen as part of his obsession for appearing in the media, even if he ends up being played the hick.  That obsession, combined with a total lack of due diligence,  let Hart slip in and act like a legit documentarian with a free run of the event, and even a short appearance on the dias.  It took us literally minutes to turn up Hart’s background, which was almost exclusively comedic, and some of it left us laughing heartily.  A comedic great white shark from down under was let loose in Ohio and the results will certainly be some blood in the water.
The first hints of what the Mysterious Planet episodes may look like are coming out via Moon TV’s YouTube channel.  We are pretty sure some of the snippets are from Ohio and we hope bigfootery is ready for the other shoe to drop.  Will we ever see the whole episode for Ohio?  Not sure, but hopeful as a good laugh is sometimes hard to find.  Also note just how polished the opening sequence is, it puts Monster Quest to shame.

For those that were embarrassed in the op-ed piece, and those that will be poked at in the TV episode, be sure to thank the media whore who profited from putting you out there to be ridiculed.   On second thought, media whore is a bit strong, he is more of a media slut.  On third thought, whores do it for money, yahh, Keating is a media whore.

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