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Yes, we are late coming to this party.  We did take notice of his retirement but other irons were burning a bit hotter in the fire at the time.

We enjoyed the Blogsquatcher, he wrote well, thought well and did some solid research of the phenomena of bigfoot.  We noticed earlier in the year that he had decided to tackle a few controversial subjects in bigfootery, bigfoot/UFO reports and the psychic and paranormal bigfoot.  His work fit nicely within our grand unified theory of bigfoot, but we are keeping that particular topic under wraps for a future project.

We liked that he had tackled those topics because:

  • that topic makes the majority of “bigfoot researchers” very nervous and bigfootery gold often follows.  We always get a chuckle from the comment of main stream bigfootery when they protest these wild theories are going to make us look like kooks.  Here’s a hint to those folks, most people already think you are goofy.
  • there is a certain percentage, albeit not large because it is dangerous ground, of “bigfoot researchers” that end up wandering down this path.  In our opinion these are true field researchers that have gotten close to this phenomena and experienced things that cannot be cleanly and conveniently pigeon holed into normal explanations.  Once someone starts down this path it has been our experience that they either jump in with two feet and glasses colored to often find those beyond normal aspects, and get labeled a whacko in the process, or they take the Blogsquatcher’s route.

And that is the last point of this particular post.  We respect someone who has gotten close, had unexplainable crap happen, studied, researched  and conclude that either their curiosity is satisfied or that they are dabbling in a phenomena that is simply too weird to bring to resolution.  We can understand that.

Sadly, he has taken the blog down.  We are hoping to find some cache articles, perhaps the wayback machine will have captured those pages, as they were keepers.


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Cambridge, Ohio


A local man gained short notoriety this weekend by claiming that he spotted Michael Jackson at a local Speedway Gas Station.  The man, who would only give his first name as Don, said, “it was a reasonably well lit evening and there he was plain as day, Michael Jackson!”.  When the reporter informed him that this was  an impossible event and even brought up the death certificate for Jackson on his Ipad, the witness reacted by saying, “I was there, you were not.  And that is all I have to say about it.”

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Trust no Coleman, except for the camp stove.

 The late Erik Beckjord in a moment of clarity and humor.  RIP big guy.

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Much has been made recently of our choice to remain anonymous.  Critics attempt to minimize opinion or facts brought forth in The Bigfootery Enquirer by pointing to this choice.  As a group of whistleblowers we have chosen this path because:

  • It is the most effective method for us to receive and attract tips.  Those people know that if we can keep our own identities out of the mix we can also do a good job in the same way for them.  It is also how our network of stringers and various hangers-on have grown over the last year.
  • In some cases we are in places as tight as a tick on a Walker Treeing Coon Hound’s ear.  One would be amazed at the circles we travel, the campfires we share and the acronyms we could throw out there.  And that is the key, retaliation would inevitably end that access.
  • So many of the third and fourth level “Bigfoot Researchers”,  aka “Bigfoot Investigators”, aka the elusive and self titled “Bigfoot Field Researchers” are nearly possessed with getting their name out there (the small pond of bigfootery syndrome), we seek neither fame nor fortune just a better informed bigfootery citizenry.

On a related topic we have launched a new contest during our internal virtual staff meetings.  That contest is to bring the best goading, labeling and name calling of the week in emails, blogs, IMs and the like to the staff meeting.  We really get a kick in trading those, especially the indignant, jump on the band wagon ones.  Here’s the funny truth about those behaviors:

  • The commentary always seem  long in name calling and labeling.  It seems the usual intellectually dishonest monikers of  hater, basher and the like are the focus while nobody addresses the facts and the issues we raise.  Attacking the messenger and avoiding dealing with the message, such critical thinkers and scientists.
  • The goading we find funny.  We speculate that many attempt this in the hope of getting a direct email.  While we are not computer geniuses,  rest assured that if we chose to we could bounce an email around and through so many different servers, both proxy and anonymous,  that the IP coming out on the other end would be as frustrating and unfruitful a chase as most of these critics have with the sasquatch.

To end on yet another positive note, one of our crack staff was encouraged to visit the squatchdetective’s website in the last few weeks.  They shared some links to all of us.  While the continuously opening with every click blogtalk shows are frustrating, but certainly drives up the listener numbers, he is growing some good content.  Some of it is plain common sense, but there are some nuggets there for improving the craft of bigfootery.

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