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Those two terms could apply to bigfootery but today they apply to The Bigfootery Enquirer.  This entry is 99.5% off topic, fluff that borders on puffery, bigpuffery if you may.  Now that is a term that will get some use.  It may deserve a separate entry, complete with examples from the fourth level “bigfoot researcher, aka bigfoot investigator”.

For months we have been following a person who is walking across the U.S.  He has been doing a mostly picture blog of his travels.  We have found that he has a good eye for photography and a quirky sense of humor.  Walking provides a perspective that is so different from how most people experience this nation thanks to the car.  He has just entered Washington on his way to Oregon and the coast.  There’s the bigfoot angle, he has both the Cascade range and the coast ahead of him.

I predict that he will encounter, photograph and likely capture a sasquatch within the next two weeks and we are slipping secret messages to our friends that it is a done deal.  Absurd?  Yes.  Heard it before?  Yes.  Bigpuffery?  Absolutely.

And here’s the link to his I’m Just Walking site.


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Another location clue.  We did get one comment that nailed the first one quickly.  This one might be  harder and will help the sleuths focus on a specific town.

Shaggy,  Jackson and Shooter

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The treasure hunt begins today.  We have examined a number of methods for generating some money from the game, but in the end the logistics and idea of paying to play was just too distasteful.  Those that wish to take part can send answers via the comments section or score at home.

The first clue is about a place.  It gets one in the neighborhood in terms of the founders stomping grounds.  We will start with an easy one.

Wilbur wanted to tell her about the dangers of walking on a freshly paved road.

Good luck.  Yes, we are making fun of a few obsessed folks who have too much time on their hands.  Check ebay, we may auction off future clue breakers.  Then again, maybe we will just auction off that rotten squash up in the hill garden that looks like bigfoot dung.

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