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It was a brutal Sunday and Monday at the Beast of the East.  One had to look hard to ignore the possible implications for what we choose to do as recreation and extra employment.  But two of us will be back at it again on Saturday.

You combine the two losses last weekend with developments in bigfootery this week and yet another reason to stay unknown in bigfootery is clear.  The grim reaper of bigfootery, the anthracite man, was quickly at it this week when a person we would consider a third level “bigfoot researcher” passed away.  By staying anonymous we think we will keep the pale rider of cryptozoology from generating a few clicks by riding on our coffin. 

Yes, it’s a weird thought for today.  The grim reaper stuff has bothered some of us and been the topic of conversations before.  Combine that topic with ma nature deciding to deliver a rude mortality smack down and you have the makings of an odd thought pattern that really does lead to a sensible conclusion on the advantage of staying in the shadows of bigfootery.


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“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”
Mahatma Gandhi


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Just for some grins we darkened the BFE for a few days.  Bigfootery did not disappoint, there was some chest thumping, some jaw popping and a very few were just beside themself without a cause to conquer.  Overall bigfootery plodded on, a few readers missed us, but it was those that vilify this place that seemed most affected.

Reports of the BFE’s passing were premature and exaggerated.  But it was entertaining none the less.

Now, fire up that venom and send us some nasty comments and insults.  We might print them, we might hang the spam label on you or we might respond.  Maybe we will go dark again.  Maybe we will do a BFF, retool and become kinder and gentler, or maybe two stringers who want to take off the gloves will get the keys for a few weeks.

Coming yet tonight is an excellent post about calling in a bigfoot.  It’s free advice and worth every penny.

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And a fine weekend it was.  As mentioned in an earlier post,  two members of the BFE staff, their spouses and another couple had planned to get away to the mountains over the Labor Day weekend.  The original plan was to take advantage of an offer to use a caboose and get dropped off many miles up the side of Cheat Mountain along the Greenbrier.  One of the crew had done some environmental consulting for the business and was willing to take this month’s retainer fee in trade.  What happened was the company had the chance to rent the caboose to some paying customers, and as it turned out there would be three of their cabooses within a mile of each other.   And so we did a passadena and went to the alternative plan.  We hopped a ride on one of their other trains and went deeper and higher on to the mountain where we jumped off for a two night backpacking trip.  Once dropped off we followed an abandoned rail line higher and deeper into the mountain, there are  a few there from the heydays of the timbering industry, and spent the night.  The second night we retreated back to a stop where they have a shelter, fire ring and a bear proof cache.  We caught the train back down the mountain on Monday.  It was a very enjoyable trip.  No cells, no net, physical, quiet, nearly wilderness.  It was a time to relax, reflect, cuss and discuss.  While we did have something visit camp the first night, while we found some impressive tree damage and we heard a few odd things, no bigfoot folks.  We did have a visual of a bear, he/she fled, and we did find two sets of bear tracks.  We did find a honey hole for some trout, catch and release.

Before dropping off the technology net we did tell our network of stringers, and one of them volunteered to listen to Kull’s show if there was some earth shattering news.  They knew we would not be able to communicate until late Monday afternoon, we really were not concerned as he would play his cards as he saw fit and then we would follow one of a few ideas we had developed earlier in the week.  I did listen to the show today during the commute to and from work.

FYI, Keating has used the date and time of his sighting since he wrote one of his mini books within the same year so it is not a matter of him “forgetting” something.  And Henry, if you don’t care, then why take part?

But overall, we received a kinder review than expected.  Kulls was caught in a circular problem.  If he got it right, then a denial could be issued.  Short of an admission, he did not have all the elements of an investigation; motive, method and opportunity, fully covered.  If he got it wrong, then that would have been embarassing.  We did hear the clue, we understand the clue, we choose not to comment upon the clue.  After all, this mysterious beast is all about mystery.  Will the treasure hunt continue?  Perhaps.

In the meantime we continue to have discussions related to goals, mission and objectives.  Our original idea was to call BS when we see it and point out some of the insanity and misbehaviors, it seems a few hundred folks a day find us interesting.

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