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Back from a four-day money-making weekend thanks to the army corps, mother nature and adventurous souls.  Brutal weather, juicy conditions.  There’s something very sweet in taking two days of paid vacation and then getting paid to do something you love.  As Bill Green would say, yes indeedy.

One of bigfootery’s masters, or in this case mistresses, of drama and playing the victim cards is at it again.  She loves to pick fights, has a hard time figuring out fake acronyms, is verbose, takes pride in dusting things up in bigfootery – one of the gems and posterchilds for the disfunctionality of greater bigfootery.

It would seem that she started to mix it up with a skeptic over the PG film, a few of her coven were called into the fray and then the skeptic played the internet stalking card.  At that point she saw his raise and went all in by actually reporting him to the local LEOs and feds.  What do we think?  And admittedly we have not seen all the emails in question in terms of if there were real or implied threats or if they continued after being asked to cease, but:

We smell drama and the victim card.

We see hypocrisy, the kettle part of the title.  How many have been the subject of her bigfootery research, blog entries and various other electronic feuds that could lodge similar concerns?

We see a slippery slope.  Is this a way to tilt the playing field?  Where is the line between expressing one’s opinions of someone’s actions or words and stalking/harassment?  Is the offense in the eye of the beholder?  Will bigfootery become a village of victims crying out for legal intervention when they start getting too much heat for what they have done or said?  Will the carnival barkers adopt this strategy as a way to squelch discussions of past or present transgressions?

We seriously wonder, given everything from political and business corruption, to thugs, to drugs and to terror, if as a society we have bigger issues for law enforcement?

We noticed, about the time this bigfootery dust-up started, that someone had visited the BFE and looked at articles loosely related, are we now “reported”?  We also noticed that our hyperlink that backed up one story led to a different page.  A stringer is checking to see if the old mea culpa is now been sent to the dustbin of bigfootery.  No worries, we are confident an archived copy is around somewhere in a stack of old emails.


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