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No, this is not a plea of the BFE staff.  Although when we went dark and then reopened we felt like the bartender that throws out the worst two drunks at the end of the night only to find them waiting for him to reopen in the morning.

This was actually the opening lines to a phone conversation from mid/late September.  Someone who we had met before in our trips to the Brushy’s had passed on a name and phone number to someone who was in a quandary.  They had a problem with losing fruit from their heirloom apple trees, an expensive proposition.  The pattern of the loss, one side of the tree from top to near the bottom, did not fit the usual suspects, and the usual deterrents were not effective.   Then one of the children saw a “big dark thing running over the hill one evening”.  The teenage son actually went on-line, found the site of a big freakin organization and filled out a form.  That did not go so well.  In frustration, and a raided Calville Blanc later, they spoke with a neighbor who provided a phone number.

We will be posting the events over the next week or so.  Our response and the posts will follow this outline:

  • initial phone assessment
  • on-site visit
  • palliative interventions
  • results and conclusions

We will follow the “fourth level bigfoot researchers” credo in the sense that beyond the regional reference, locations, witnesses, hangers-on and foibles will remain “Undisclosed”.  This is the case study mentioned previously that is antithetical to most “bigfoot researcher” approaches.


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