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Should be focusing on the HAR area of the genome.  HAR1 and HAR1F could be particularly insightful if they can take it down to that level.


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First, we discovered that one of the leads in our Bigfoot DNA story has migrated to another blog, the Wallyworld of crypto blogs in our opinion.  We are fine to see that happen as part of our mission here at the BFE is simply to get some of these stories out to a wider audience.  Good cut n paste job with our lead, easy content, eh?  How about an attribution or a link?  Is that too much to ask?

And second, we notice another person who tasted the biscotti is now using the “Get Out of Jail Free” card excuse of,  “I was going undercover” on the guy.  That one really brings a smile and a hearty guffaw.  Poor Caramel, people betraying his trust left and right, cutting him out of deals he helped put in motion: bigfootery is afoot.

One last observation about bigfootery.  We may put it in our ten bigfootery demandments.  Never, ever, pay someone the full fee up front, keep some dollars back to pay after satisfactory delivery.  That simple demandment would have saved Caramel and his benefactor some $’s and dignity, and it might help Yo, Adrian get his results faster, or perhaps simply get his results.

And we end in dramatic fashion…

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We still have some guarded hopes for this project, but…  We did a connect the dots on who has fed samples and it gets a bit dodgy,including an F from the BBB.  We noted  the people suddenly coming out of the woodwork with leaks as they try to get a few moments of bigfootery fame (third or fourth level “bigfoot researcher” behavior), posturing by some on who is leading the project , not to mention the bear hunter story and the mongrel erectus – sapiens theory.  There are a few boxes we left out of the grid for the moment, those boxes raise litigious concerns for the project in our opinion – giving rise to the spector of the disease we call litigious bufoonicis greedus interupticis indefinitelyicus.

We still hold out hope that this is the year of the sasquatch (actually we will be posting the summer squatchapalooza story in a week or so), but also expect some bigfootery gold before this effort comes to a conclusion.  Here’s our crude connect the dots graphic circa early July, 2011.  Just to cya, this graphic is based upon first hand, second-hand, mystery hand and Mr. Hand’s information, let’s call it purported.

Update:  It would seem that some of the lines of relationship are more historical than contemporary as the infighting over this project is already making old friends adversaries.  Bigfootery gold.

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Given that issues such as deceptive editing, inserting sounds and the like, plus a high level of bigpuffery has ensued, we think we nailed the topic many, many months ago.  Here’s the post.

And now our prediction for one of the second six episodes of Finding Bigpuffery.

If the DNA stuff has passed peer review, look for the team to head to the Ohio valley tri-state area.  Part of the episode will feature a teaser from Ky., which will nicely pimp the larger documentary.  It will be a classic bigpuffery move of mutual backscratching for mutual monetary benefit.  Even if the peer review goes south over provenance and chain of custody issues, that will be a minor speed bump to be ignored, the public is too dumb to know otherwise.

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