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An already meager rate of content publishing is about to take a hit.  Six weeks of long weekends and essentially seven day work weeks with a nasty commute thown in for good measure.  Cannot beat it.  A chance to interact with all sorts of people, see some old friends and blend mental and physical challenges for a change of pace.  And the crew here at the BFE has been promised a few overnights and, in recognition of our elder statesmen status,  a minimum of UML runs.  With age comes the avoidance of the 7:30 put-in with the fog still hanging on the river for the first five of the 26 miles.

Thanks to the last two storms,  the corps is already dumping at 4,000 cubes and the Meadow is throwing another 500+ into the mix.  Add all the little tribs and it looks like some big water and added days or volume at this point.

To make the post remotely bigfoot related, we will make this offer to the Finding Bigpuffery, aka Not Finding Bigfoot, dba Finding Bigfoot shoooo.  Come down to wild and wonderful, we’ll take you on an overnight, share some scary tales, hoot up the canyon and make you some of our famous dutch oven bigfoot beans and snausage.  If we find you agreeable in camp, just maybe we will break out a friend’s helmet cam footage from Deckers.  Its at least as good as what Big Boy has been pimping so far, taint no bear,  climbs out of the mini canyon and through the rhodie like no person we can think of.  Well, a tweaker might be able to do it.   I think his price is $500 a second, and that’s for the running time on the show and not the running time of the clip.  Send Boo Boo to close the deal, he has little use for carnival barkers.  On second thought, the offer is withdrawn.   I think a long swim and some soggy gear would likely result and at least this author has reached the age where there is enough action without causing some on the side.


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