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In mobilizing the troops this evening a lament erupted.  The lament is that our posts sometimes help the bigfoot carnival barkers strengthen their playbook.  We see them mastering the art of pulling the victim card.  We see them employing the intellectually dishonest approach of presenting bigfoot “evidence” on their bigfoot website or blog but sayin they are not sayin it is bigfoot and we will let the masses decide.  The masses have drank the juice, we and they know how that little swerve works.  We see them use the hype machine marketing approach when conference time rolls around, start with something to energize the base early to get that sector committed, then tease out some more, and then drop another hype bomb about two weeks before the big event.  We’ve seen it, we’ve reported it, bigfoot carnival barkers have copied it.  And sometimes, like today, we see all three get wrapped up in a neat little bigfootery package.

After a few weeks of hyping the event, a picture was published today.  Those drunk on the bigfoot punch just sucked it up.  We did some studying and think it is hooooo-eeey.  And it is not the it’s too good line you sometimes hear.  Our issue is it is just not right, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Why?  For starters the field of depth just does not look right for a trail camera, which was the reported device.  It literally looks like a bigfoot wedged into a space about as wide as it is.  The drama queen also purports to have multiple pictures, so this thing stumbled by a conventional flash trail cam multiple times.  As we have said before, bigfoot are like the Amish, no pictures please.  We have used them to run em off during OOPS with some success, actually it seems it PO’d em as they trashed the thing.  We are calling multiple uses of the carnival barker bigfooter strategems on this one.

A little digging ensued during the meeting, people were dispatched to gather up more info on trail cams and depth of field.  What we found:

  • Most manufacturers will admit that the effective close range of a trail cam is 5′
  • Most will also admit that inside 10′ one gets a fairly dramatic flash white out.  There are new ones that are better, but this picture supposedly is four years old and thus a few evolutions of trail cam technology ago.  FWIW a color trail cam was pretty darn expensive back then.
  • Most trail cams have a fixed focal length of 42 mm.  With digital sensors, this means the lense/sensor technology roughly matches that of a conventional 35 mm.  This fixed focal length thing is important.
  • When we put the numbers for the size of the object and the distance to the object, the focal length calculation is well outside the capability of a fixed 42 mm focal length camera.

We started this post days ago and just did not have the time to get back to it.  Since that time a possible contender for the suit du jour has appeared, and some back pedaling on it being a trail camera has been issued.  It’s now a 35 mm camera with a zoom lens.  That story is almost as ridiculous as then you have someone outside, perched higher than the subject in the picture, at night, in relative proximity to a beast using a flash attachment.  And there is a claim of multiple pictures.

We are calling bigfootery bull crap on this one.  Best explanation is the craving to be adored by this particular DDQ (dysfunctional drama queen) and pre-conference season hype that is right out of our bigfoot carnival barker handbook.  Now we have opened the table for the victim card, perhaps a mistake but someone needs to call BS when it is BS.  And here’s the best part, they really do not care if it is real or legit because it is about what we mentioned earlier in the paragraph; hype, being a “brave and beloved bigfoot researcher”, gathering some notoriety and putting butts in seats, and telling those butts which seats are where they need to be.

Our predictions:  Weeks of new developments, new experts, revealing interviews if she can keep people interested in it and not get blown out by issues with the picture.  Perhaps with a guest appearance by the photographer at a paying event.

Either completely ignoring those that are saying BS, or a long, heart-felt essay on how tough it is being a real researcher.

Drama and bigfootery will continue to ensue.  And we will lament that we give those too dense to figure it out with a bigfoot carnival barker playbook and tips.

This is what we have been saying for many years.  Some get it, some go on the attack.


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We cannot claim to have coined the term bigfootery, although we feel we have raised awareness of the phenomena.

We can claim that we coined the term bigpuffery, a term that we use to represent  the propensity of some “bigfoot researchers” to make large and generally unsubstantiated claims that are in the most part self-serving.

Today we coin yet another term, bigstinkery.  We are not referring to Big Stinky him or herself, but rather something that just does not seem to pass the smell test.  In this case we are talking about an event being promoted in Ohio, we are not going to give it much play in terms of naming it or sending people off to see it  because the last thing we want to do is have a commenter come back here and say, “Hey, you guys reported on this event,  and I went and got ripped off.  Thanks, you owe me time, money and some soap to wash away my embarrassment.”  With that proviso, we started to get some tips and did some digging.

Like a buzzard that has swooped down on a still warm carcass, someone jumped on an opening to run an event in Ohio once the Bulldog announced he was not going to do his annual event.  Some say there are really two events in the Ohio, Pa. NY area trading off his decision and trying to copy a profitable model.

We think the one event does not come close to passing the smell test, and is thus Bigstinkery, for the following reasons:

  1. It is being run anonymously by Art Vendelay.  If the name does not sound familiar look it up, it is the name of a character in Seinfeld.  Actually it is a fake name that a character in Seinfeld used , along with a few other obtuse references to the name in other episodes.  That seems shady to us, and others.  One has no idea of the character or capabilities of the person.  Can they deliver?  Will they deliver?  What have they done in the past?
  2. We did a who-is search on the website URL and it comes back blocked by godaddy.  Again, someone covering their tracks.  But for what reason?  See questions above about integrity and accountability.
  3. We remember the layout and organization of the conference that the Bulldog ran for the last year or two when he popped up on our radar and ol’Art, the guy behind the curtain, cut n pasted Keating’s business plan for the conference.  We really dislike intellectually dishonest people who pilfer content, ideas and business plans, it has happened here and in life and we think it is skanky, low and reflective of a less than honest person.  We have been hard on the Bulldog in the past, and deservedly so in our opinion, but someone else using his proprietary approaches without permission does not pass the smell test.  Does the Bulldog have some rights to correct this wrong?  Lesser litigations have been launched for lesser things, but our contacts are telling us he is done with bigfootery, he went, he saw, he got the t-shirt.  If you have to copy the business plan, is there any chance you are smart enough to pull it off?  Doubtful.
  4. In looking at the site, there seems to be a priority on selling, whether that be reservations or ugly t’s.  Another bigstinkery factor.

We know what you are thinking right about now.  “Hey BFE, you run this site anonymously, whats the difference?”  Three things come to mind.

  1. We do not ask for people’s money upfront before anything is delivered.  We don’t ask for money, period.
  2. We do not make promises we cannot deliver.  We might be late sometimes, but we don’t post a schedule of events that we steal from someone else.
  3. We do not ask people to commit time and resources to attend things on the faith that it will happen.
  4. Bonus item – we have demonstrated our bigfootery street cred., our knowledge and insider information, cannot judge anything about this event without a name, or names.  The site is pretty much crap as well.

To sum it up, we are saying there is bigstinkery afoot up north.  Fake names, blocking URL registrations (does that cost more, and if so geez what is being hidden that it is worth extra money to do it?) and swiping people’s ideas are not the qualities of someone we would consider sending money or investing our time and other resources.  “Bigfoot Researcher” beware is our advice.  There is an article on here we did about the shady paranormal business that we will dig up and copy into this post, one might want to read it before parting with money or making a hotel registration.  This thing just has a bigstinkery feel to it.

One last thought.  Wouldn’t it be funny if Keating had adopted this approach and was the person hiding behind the curtain?   Now that would be bigfootery gold and show such brilliance that we might have to tip our hat and purge some posts.  And a bonus promise, if it turns out to be Erik Beckjord we will take the whole darn blog up the hill, into the woods, and plug it like the father did to the daughter’s laptop.  Another thought, does the mysterious organizer even know who Erik is?  Sorry, rant and ramble.

Oh hell, we might as well start this rumor as the lack evidence leads in that direction as well as any other.  Tom Biscardi is coming to Ohio to hold a conference, the first 100 attendees get a complimentary bicycle horn.

And heres the post we mentioned earlier about the risky paranormal pop business, just click.

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