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Facebook People

Lordy you folks have been coming in droves lately. But we can only tell it is facebook, no page references. Could you help us out by leaving a comment on where all the traffic from facebook is originating. Mucho Appreciado.


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Any “bigfoot researcher” worth his/her salt has followed the long and hyped DNA study.  We’ve done two stories, we were the first to break the Better Business Bureau reputation, rather disreputation, of the principal investigator and we published a connecting the dots type of graphic on some of the folks involved in supplying “evidence”.  The second article portrayed the initial Biscardi connection(s) that dissolved as the project gained steam.

We always watch for the bigfootery angle of these types of events.  Certainly the hype aspect, the believers grabbing and savoring every little morsel and the maneuvers of people being cut out were classic elements of bigfootery.  But one missing element was the money-making angle, one of the keystones of bigfootery.  Well, we have a DNA project exclusive breaking news on the money-making angle.

We have seen and learned about a prototype field bigfoot DNA test that will be hitting the market once the scientific blessing of the DNA is given, published, or at least hyped.  This device will be a one time test instrument for potential bigfoot hair and gives reliable results within 15 minutes.  It is also relatively nondestructive to the hair, only a small part is lost.  The hair is placed on the device and the tip of the hair is held in place by a peelable adhesive.  The device has a patented reagent imbedded as a microfilm that comes in contact with the hair.  The “bigfoot researcher” then adds readily available fluids to activate the reagent.  Results appear in a simple graphical form, within a few minutes a “bigfoot researcher” will know if they reliably have a sasquatch hair sample and if it is worth sending it on, in a prepaid envelope, for further testing.  It is reported further testing will be “reasonably priced” and a certificate of authenticity and attainment will be sent if the detailed lab results confirm initial testing.  This certificate is reportedly one of three that will be required to be a Certified Outdoor Collection Keeper of Bigfoot.  A picture of the prototype device follows, but our source is telling us they will be changing to a camo color, adding a splash guard and building in a small glow stick for night operations.

Look for the official Bigfoot DNA Field Analysis kit to be marketed by the DNA entrepreneurs soon.  You can join the facebook page to get on the waiting list for what is going to be the “must have” “bigfoot field researcher” “scientific” doo dad of the summer of 2012.

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You probably did not know, or care, that one of our stringers knows Bob in more than a passing way.  When he read your announcement that he would not attend your event due to “health reasons” he was naturally concerned and did some checking.

If you are smelling smoke about now, Arthur,  that would be because your pants are on fire and your nose is growing.  BIG Bigstinkery.   The more this event unravels the more we think the first article was prophetic.  We may have to coin yet another term, The BigClusterF.

We are hoping this is the last we have to cover this debacle but thought you should know what we, and others, know.

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  1. We like the scenic photography.
  2. The casting decision to have Bobo and Cliff on the show was a good one.
  3. There are fun drinking games that can be tied into the show, although if you have strict rules it can lead to a rough Monday morning.
  4. The show has done much to dispel the stereotype that this phenomena is confined to the north-west part of North America.

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As the speaker line up is down, it would seem that the star attraction, Bob Gimlin, did have to cancel.  It would seem the bigstinkery label fits.  Here’s a little tidbit, less than a day ago, and well after the folks behind the curtain knew about this development, they were urging people to get their reservation in for lodging.  And these are your “friends” and people to trust with your time and money?  Kinda stinky, taking time to plug the event but not the time to make sure people know what they are getting into.  If someone has second thoughts, most hotel’s cancellation policy is to certainly refund deposits with a nearly two month notice.

Karma, incompetence or happenstance?  Not sure.  Still stinky  giving “bigfoot researchers”  the old used car sales rep rush to put a deposit down when they know the vehicle is not what the customer thinks it is.  Let the fussing begin, well actually,  continue.


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