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Just thought you should officially know the score, although we know at least three of you could give a bigfoot’s butt about it.  Underlining and free advertising is on us.

The other reason for posting is, as we predicted months ago, our playbook for bigfoot hucksters has been studied and deployed.   That gives us regrets.

Good Morning Everyone… Melissa Hovey, one of our scheduled Speakers on May 19th and the Number One Female Bigfoot Researcher in the Country, will be bringing with and answering questions about her Copyrighted Picture of a Bigfoot

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” Only Ridiculing the ridiculous” – that is Bigfootery Gold and on target like the laser mounted in the taser.  Wish we had coined that phrase.  Keep ridiculing the ridiculous,  we actually get it and have a sense of humor.

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Links to our stories over time, prophetic.

First – we claim bigstinkery and shadyness because the organizers are staying anonymous and thus have no track record.

Second – bigstinkery is realized as the headliner says – no, never committed to them, won’t be attending – and that info is withheld for an indeterminate period

Third – we let the organizers know that the lie that the cancellation was due to “health” is known and they have now achieved Big, Big Bigstinkery.

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Independent “bigfoot researchers” quake and start pruning their Friends List on Facebook.

We were recently forwarded a link to  fabulae reginae of the Anti-lock Brake Society, and it is pure McCarthyism.  They (she) are notifying the “community” that they will be blacklisting “bigfoot researchers” who work with certain undesirables that have pointed out the absurdity of the copy writed photo that they (she) does not own.  The stated reason?  These undesirables put witnesses at risk of harm.  A few quick thoughts:

  • As two women in our life-like to say – “get a grip” and “get over it”.  The ABS is neither important, legit or credible.  The penalty for violating your pronouncement is hardly that.  No ABS reports, oh no.  It’s the report nazi’s.
  • One of our other favorite sayings is “walk the talk”.  Last we looked, TT is still on your “Bored of Directors”.  That Bored and the process of office and officialdom are comical in and of itself, but we digress.   For those that don’t know ol’TT used to publish a cheap near Canadian counterfeit of this blog.  In that blog TT particularly abused Tim Stover and Fasano, two bigfoot witnesses.  Just so we have this straight, it’s ok to have someone who harms bigfoot witnesses on the Bored of Directors but if they are messing with the fabulae reginae, with in the case of Team Tazer some darn good humor in our opinion, then they shall be labeled as untouchable and those that touch the untouchables shall be blacklisted.
  • You realize, Ms. internet para (as in not) legal, that your threat of legal action puts the anonymity of your witness at risk via discovery, correct?

What’s next?  Boycotts by the ABS?  Do you realize the absurdity and comedy of this “release”?  hypocrisy and inflated egos, two of the fuels to bigfootery.

Uh – Oh – Alex Hern you just admitted on Squatchdetective that you have contact with Team Tazer – to the blacklist for you until you are called in front of  Fibulae Reginae’s Un-Professional “Bigfoot Researcher” Select Committee for judgement and sentencing.  Fear “the committee and the queen”, fear her with all your essence.

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