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Sometimes you would think we are making this stuff up, but that is bigfootery.

Believers in the P&G film better start posturing and dust off the PG threads about the surviving characters, Big Bob H, Morris, et. al. as a new unholy trinity is planning on a big release on the anniversary of the event this year.  How about this for an interesting cast of characters?  Cue the old Chicago Bulls intro music – da da dan dee da da da da da… Serving as the brains of the outfit – Grrreeegg, my hair is stuck in the 70’s, Long.  Coming in as the videographer and complainant du jour John, don’t you dare speak a discouraging word, Johnssssssen.  And serving as chief drum beater, hyper, huckster  Thomas, I did not perpretate two hoaxes I was fooled, Biscarrrrrdi.

Like we said, how do you make such things up?   Carmine involved in revealing a hoax.  Greg it was fine to fight with these guys but money is even better.  And the litigator, actually attempted litigator as it got tossed.  The humor, the irony, the way this will fire up bigfootery in general.  It’s stuff like this that keeps us around.



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Scenario:  People get paranormal TV show, it gets panned by their peers.

Excuse:  Not our fault, it is the production company and their editing.

Common Element: Ping Pong Productions

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Commentary:  Bigfooting and the paranormal are very circular, most of the fourth and fifth levels use the same strategies and excuses.  Also note the one comment by one of the stars, the public likes to see people tramping around at night while they sit on their couches, or something along those lines.

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Melba, maybe.  But we guaaranteee there will be a scholarly article published this year.  But this one will cover something that absolutely exists, the bigfoot researcher and his/her group behaviors.  Project I2I&S is just about complete, and we will even get a few mentions for our advice and support.  It was ready for submission and then the facebook sasquatch group explosion happened and it was just too fruitful to neglect.  It’s a right-handed effort, watch the video and you can figure that comment out.

Justin tells a story

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