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How can one disagree with that appraisal?  Two body hoaxes and now the Ketchum/NABS/Paulides affair in less than two months, what a start to 2013.  Bigfootery is alive and well and, although hard to imagine, is spiraling down in an even more rapid descent.  We have genuine fears for the topic and “bigfoot research”, the carnival barkers seem to be getting more brash and the marks seem to be an easier dodge.  Our internal BFE discussions attempting to explain what is happening come back to a few threads we have touched upon for years, churn, greed, ego, cults of personality, general bigpuffery, perhaps desperation – but the scale – it’s growing exponentially.  And the noise, it is giving us a collective headache.  And the bigfootery, simply shameful, making anyone remotely interested look foolish.

First came Mr. Ed with the Daisy hoax.  It fell apart pretty quickly, he catfished a number of researchers, they eventually ducked and covered.  Most saw through it, we tagged Ed years ago, but some held out hope to the bitter end.  There are probably a few “bigfoot researchers” still in denial and holding out for the chance that Ed had to cover it up after talking too much.

And then we have 1/2 of the Georgia boys coming back with I got a body part two.  He might have started floating his balloon in 2012, but this year is when it gathered steam.  Cue the GW Bush quote about being fooled.  One thing we can say about Ricky is he goes all in, remember the last time and that they played the hoax all the way into a national press conference. We don’t know what is more amazing, that he has people vouching for him or that people spend time on debunking him.  But props to the Squatch Detective for staying on the case and working it, guess he is still a little singed from his last go around with Ricky.  If you go back to 2008, you can see Ricky is playing it in a very similar way, using plants who can appeal to having authority, sticking to his story and ignoring the setbacks when a plant is uncovered and generally enjoying the noise.  And there are still people who cling to this chance, hell some of them are out there swinging away on Ricky’s behalf.  We always thought the Finding Bigfoot Facebook people were terribly unskilled and naïve, they’ve proved it with this particular hoax.  Tell you what Ricky, you produce the monkey to our satisfaction and we will do the curtain bet we had contemplated with Ketchum.

Using that as a segue, we now move on to the Ketchum/NABS/Paulides affair, aka the “DNA study”.  Failing a legitimate peer review and interest from an established journal, the Doc, et. al. moved to the back up plan.  They actually started their own journal and self published.   The website was an obvious rush job and amateurish, spelling problems, context and the like.  But when the editor is simply a fellow believer in the forest friends, hosting more than a handful of bigfeet on a small tract not much is to be expected.  It says much about the legitimacy of the study and the journal, and that’s without getting into the real study.  But  when you run the show, as in owning  the journal, you get to make the rules.  We are tempted to grab some of that prestige by renaming this blog the Journal of Bigfootery.    The “DNA Study” has rightly met with much scepticism, even among the faithful of bigfootery.  Some are still clinging to it like a shipwrecked wench on a timber, some are covering their bet by taking a wait and see position, but most knew it was going to be a bust.  Hopefully few have paid the money to actually see the study as there are certainly better ways to spend $30.

Some of the major problems include an unwillingness to release the actual data or place it in genbank where others could give it a look, and absolute refusal to release samples to see if someone could replicate the results, bear/human steak as one of the pillar samples, the challenge of hybrid reproduction and poor or flawed amplification results.  It will be sliced and diced by science.  What may be a saving grace, although it will probably be capitalized –  as in pony up some $$’s if you want to see it – is that it seems the old Ohio River footage was bought up by the same folks funding the study and will be leaked out over the next few months to bolster the “discovery” of bigfoot.

Why do we include Paulides in this affair?   For one, he claims to be some of the brains behind this effort (actually claims that nobody else was interested in DNA until he thought of it, and has gone to the media to announce the publication.  In fact his press release is that this study “proves” bigfoot exists.  The purported results also mirror the drum he has been banging for forest people, not simply an ape.  While others associated with the project ran from it, stating things like, “we only provided some samples”, Super Dave is left to be the advocate, a role he is happy to fill, although bigfootery will be pissing him off by pointing out problems.  What we found is Super Dave is the best, always correct and intellectually superior to all of the rest of the bigfootery rabble, so expect him to rant and correct people immediately.   More on Super Dave soon, we had tuned him out as just an arrogant appendage, but he does deserve his own little post.


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Something that is often amusing, and yet frustrating, is the hypocrisy of bigfootery.  Sometimes it is as basic as the old – enemy of my enemy is my friend stuff, but often times it is more complex.  We say hypocrisy is the transmission fluid of bigfootery because it keeps the field moving, sometimes in reverse, but moving none the less.  Ego is probably the gas, ambition the oil, but hypocrisy still plays a major role, like tranny fluid.   Walking the talk is a rare thing to find in some of the advanced level “bigfoot researchers”, convenience and gain mean more, and hypocrisy is a convenient lubricant.  We present four examples for your consideration:

  1. Last year a group made a big issue of witness protection while continuing to have an official in the organization that had penned a blog doing the exact thing that the group said would result in being black listed from their good graces.  As if that was not hypocritical enough,  one of the frequent targets of that blog, a youtubin bigfooter, has now allowed himself to become chummed up with the self-appointed head honcho of the organization.  Does he know this connection?  How can the honcho smile at one of her director’s main blog victims, using him for whatever purposes she pleases?  How can this director still be directing given the bold, public stance of they would not “condone harm coming to witnesses” and “would not allow this type of behavior from one of our members”?  Simple answer to all of those questions – hypocrisy, actually double dog dare hypocrisy.
  2. One of the promoters of an event that we prophetically predicted would be bigstinkery last year recently released a teaser video promoting the event and asking if people are tired of the same old events and the same speakers.  A few weeks later we learned of his involvement in another event that, get this, has the four same speakers as the event had last year.  There might be one new guest, but to us that sounds like the same old event and same speakers, in extremis.  Having it both ways, a hallmark of bigfootery hypocrisy.
  3. Speaking of the event we rightly panned last year, they had a problem with a speaker that they did not have wrapped up before announcing and pimping this famous bigfooter.  When said bigfooter learned this was happening he made it clear he had not agreed and could not attend.  After holding that information back until it broke out in other venues, the disorganizers claimed the guy could not attend for health reasons.  And now what are they saying?  The infamous bigfooter backed out on them and they have learned their lesson by getting signed agreements.  Having it many ways with many, sometimes inconsistent,  excuses, all of which do not rest any blame with the disorganizers,  classic bigfootery.  So which one was it guys, was Bob sick like you said, did Bob shaft you by saying yes and then cancelling like you said, or are you poorly organized hypocrites, we think the latter.
  4. Every once in a while someone who thinks they are established third level or higher “bigfoot researcher” will use the word “Noobs” to describe those who have recently come to bigfooting.  We find the term offensive on many levels, especially when a “Noob” is decrying the “Noobs”.  We find it hypocritical when one of these researchers talks about the damage of the “Noobs” to the “community” and then goes off to take the benefits of speaking to an audience of people they would prejudicially consider to be “Noobs”.   We like new people, it keeps it interesting, provides the churn that the fourth level  carnival barker “bigfoot researchers” need to reinvent themselves and buy their product(s) and the new people may well be the ones that get this done.  More bigfootery hypocrisy.

Our advice to the new and somewhat new bigfooters, avoid the hypocrites, they will use you, abuse you and discard you when you are of no more value in advancing their myriad of agendas.  And if you read or hear someone whining about this blog, deploy your hypocrite detector, it will probably go off.  Like tranny fluid, they may seem sweet, but the stuff will eventually make you sick.  Your mileage may vary, draw your own conclusions with hopefully an informed eye.

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