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And they are increasing ticket prices 75% to pay for him.  Another great decision for the original conference of Big Stinkery.

We could spend a great deal of time talking about Super Dave’s background.  From negative reviews of his presentations,  to questionable behavior (six paragraphs below the grinch), to getting arrested for an autograph swerve (read to the bottom), to slipshod writing,  to more bad reviews hinting that Super Dave is supercilious ,(that’s an even better handle for him Supercilious Super Dave – kind of rolls off the tongue, eh?), to more slipshod writing ,   to being uninformed  and intellectually bereft in making circumstances fit his personal theory,  to his multiple claims of innovation (affidavits, the massacre theory) that are simply buzzarding the work of others.  We read one of his early books, there were inconsistencies and missed questions, hardly the work of a professional investigator, or at least a competent one.  Let’s just say in our opinion Dave is not so super and likely has a disdain for most of the people who will be attending Creature Weekend as he views them as amateurs and rabble, hardly worth picking up the speaker fee the attendees are funding.

But all those problems and issues with Supercilious Super Dave pale in comparison to his involvement in captaining the SS DNA Titanic – The Ketchum “Study”. In his own words:

“Regarding the DNA Study

The world needs to understand that North America Bigfoot Search was the organizer of the study. We orchestrated the search that led to picking Dr. Ketchum to conduct a study of bigfoot DNA.”, and

“Dr. Melba Ketchum is the star of this team. Yes, we did interview a variety of scientists prior to enlisting Dr. Ketchum’s services, but she had the interest, background and demeanor to work with a variety of personalities and professions and be successful in the endeavor. Without Dr. Ketchum’s nonstop commitment to this study, it would never have reached the point it has today. She has attempted to balance a myriad of interests while keeping a professional and polite demeanor; she should get a gold medal for her efforts.”

All we can say is way to go Super Supercilious Dave (cool, we can interchange the two words – this combo is even better).  What keen investigative skills and judgement you have.  You picked someone marginally qualified who turned out to have a terrible business reputation with the BBB, Texas and creditors,  was sued for patent infringement and, in our opinion, has less than stellar  integrity given how this is spinning.  And she delivered magnificently.  The story of the journal has broken down, the science is broke with the hybridization theory totally shredded by a real geneticist and the best conclusion on method is contamination.  Forget bigfootery gold, you managed to mine and refine bigfootery rare earth minerals.

Can it get worse?  It has.  The claim of peer-reviewed went into the gutter with the inclusion of April Fool’s papers in the article citations – those would have clearly been picked up in a real peer review process.   The excuse/spin that a reviewer/referee insisted upon inclusion, a desperate attempt to fix a huge leak.  Be honest Super Dave, have your carefully selected, “scientist” prove it.  And then the newest allegations coming from Justin, kickbacks, destruction of specimens, could it be worse?  Just maybe.  Will an enterprising attorney realize that Super D’s carefully selected “scientist” use of a forensic DNA lab which was contributing to the  study, which is now being panned for contamination and poor methodology, was also used by a DA to convict their client suddenly have a new basis of appeal and reversal?  That’s some serious doo doo, and we are not talking about the doo doo that was processed for DNA.  The SS DNA study has developed a serious list, will Captain Super Supercilious Dave find a way to elbow the women out of the way and abandon it?  We look forward to that spin attempt given his key roll in organizing, orchestrating and selecting the star.

Here’s our macro concerns with the study and the fine investigative work of Super Dave that organized it.

  1. It is highly doubtful that the next DNA study of bigfoot will be taken seriously by the scientific community, or the mainstream media.  We have learned that in life sometimes that really great opportunity only comes up once, thanks to Super D it was wasted.
  2. A ton of money was spent and what did those benefactors get for their bucks, not much, unless you count embarrassment.  Resources were diverted from better bigfootery ventures and getting that money to flow again will be much more difficult.  Who could  fault Wally from simply walking away from bigfootery thanks to Super D and the vet?
  3. Some potentially valuable samples were lost thanks to the organizer of the study and the vet “scientist” he selected.
  4. Those that snicker at bigfootery can now laugh openly, anyone trying to sell this “study” will show bigfootery as being populated with gullible simpletons.   The good news is there are few survivors hanging on to the flotsam of the SS DNA study.
  5. An obvious failure as a professional investigator to select an appropriate “star” for the team, due diligence is something that should be done when six figures are being invested.

We are hopeful that some of the marks that pay the fine profitmongers ( a 75% ticket price increase just might turn a profit) of Creature Weekend to be subjected to an hour talk on how super Dave is will get a chance to ask some questions of him.  We may work on our Top 10 questions to ask the organizer and star selector.

We’re not sure who has the worst judgement, the organizer of the “study” or Art, now Newman, and crew.  A match made in the stars, similar to the “scientists” conclusions of the DNA “sequenced”.  How perfect for Super, a product he can sell to both your bigfoot and ufo audience.  The grand unified theory of ufos, bigfoot and evolution just had the cornerstone laid, perhaps it is historic.


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