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John Keel’s Operation Trojan Horse.  If you have seen the elephant and heard the owls you will get it, or get it eventually once you read the book.  Focus on Sir Victor.


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Subtitle this the dangers of thinking slightly out of the box and at the same time copying an idea from a TV show.

From the carpetbaggers  that brought bigfootery to the conference scene by telling attendees that a big name was going to attend, and withholding that information and pushing ticket sales days after they knew better, we now  have the experience.  Think of it as a guided haunted trail attraction where the one and only ghoul is bigfoot, well, hoaxed bigfoot.   Taking a page from the bounty, evidence (in this case hoaxed evidence) will be collected and the best capture of the hoax wins.  We anticipate hoaxed prints and somebody dashing around the woods in a gorilla suit.  Here’s an idea for them, get a gorilla mask and put some glow sticks in it, instant eye shine hoax.  Then cue the gorilla suit stage right.

Hoax’y conference hosting a hoax’y haunted trail  snipe walk, bigfootery gold.   But it is free, and worth every penny.  Yuck it up dudes.


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