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In the spirit of the holidays – certainly not an exhaustive list:


Bigfootery’s Courtney Love – as we said before,  unfiltered opinions voiced under the influence is sexy in a train wreck sort of way.

The folks over at the Facebook coalition page, for culling the sewer that is Facebook bigfootery and providing us the best of the whackadoodles

Bob Gimlin – was he hoodwinked, or did it happen?  Not sure, but he is a gracious man to those that seek him out.

Bobbie Short – RIP – for being a tireless chronicler of all things bigfoot.

Todd Disotell – for being open-minded, to some degree, pushing the boundaries of hairdom and providing some tips, reason and class on a show that was sorely lacking all of those elements.


Miss-Litigation – lifetime achievement award for being vindictive, not walking her talk and relying upon the churn for new admirers.

Most all of Facebook Bigfootery –  for giving a voice and easy venue for the whackadoodles and their worshipful drones/enforcers/digital KGB

The Carpet Baggers – for carpet bagging and having pockets that are deeper than their integrity and good sense.

The Foot Doc – for reaching even higher levels of selling one’s bigfootery soul for dollars and exposure.

The Frequent Quit but come back a few days/weeks/months later Dudes – pity me, beg me to come back, love me mommy.  If we cannot take your word as honor when you say, “I quit”, how can we respect anything else you have to say or do?


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