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Nope, not these Killer Bees.  We are talking Killer B’s as in Bigfooters.   And before the killer part is taken out of context in a spate of Facebook post indignities, we do not mean actual killers.

Earlier this week someone bumped the hive of the killer bees.  These particular bees are carpetbaggers who have set up shop north of the Ohio.  And like the real killer bees, not those dudes above but the actual buzzin bees, once the hive was bumped with some legitimate criticism (that could of been constructive if they could check the ego) they came a swarming out of the hive to attack the bumper into submission.  Froggy neck, froggy’s sockpuppet and the drama queen came out immediately to sting.  Their comments were hilarious, but evidently someone was not so proud after the swarming mission was complete and the interloper was vanquished and they have been relegated to the Facebook page admin delete file.   There is some irony in a guy who claims a love for constitutional rights to trample the first amendment, but consistency and actually walking the talk seldom happens in bigfootery.


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With not one, nor two, but three, count-em three “conferences”,  in about a month time span in Ohio we will able to tell.  Actually, there are clues already.

My Bully is back and your goin  be in trouble, hey lahh, hey lahh, my bully is back – think The Angels in 1963.  After a three-year “trial”, he is re-entering  the conference space.  We have heard “trial” is a bit of a stretch and that his franchise payments were being drastically cut – thus the Bully is back.  How deep is his bigfootery bench?  Well, his line-up is essentially the same one he had the last time he sponsored a conference.  Weak bench.

And then one has the Hollywood carpetbaggers.   With one returning mockumentary star from last year and a recent addition of another, rumblings in the “community” are getting louder about the flagging  integrity of the event, and even the legit dudes that are sharing the stage with the made for TV “bigfoot researchers”.

And finally the Apple, Inc. of bigfootery conferences.  They are coming in with one returnee – one of the luminaries and some new blood.  But we suspect they are having a greater bench strength challenge given some much activity in one place in such a short time.

Will bench strength thin the herd?  Perhaps.  But given some of the egos involved, the potential profits, the potential for worship and conference groupies, we seriously doubt it.  One will simply see the current trend, a gradual decay in quality and relevance and more frankenbites.

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