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No, not a Bigfootery Enquirer bounty, the TV show.   We especially appreciate the absolute intellectual poverty of those who review the show without watching it.  There is certainly a great deal of biggrumpery over the series, even at this early juncture.  One gem we collected when we watched it off the dvr was Disotell mentioning the sweet spot for dna collection of stools is the leading tip as it has the cells of the pooper.  Now, the self proclaimed expert third and fourth level bigfooters will spin saying Oh, LOL !!!, I already knew that.  But we doubt it.  So there are gems the reviewers and biggrumpers who bitch but do not watch are missing.

Is the series original?  Other than the topic,  it seems they have blended some Survivor with some Amazing Race and then threw in a cooking show elimination process.  They say reality or semi-reality shows are made or broken with the cast, so we are thinking 50/50.  The ratings have not made the Finding Bigfoot folks nervous at this point, we are sure.

Carry on experts, review without seeing something, claim to be a scientist with a high school education, attempt to act like an old hand if you came into this before the age of Facebook or Youtube.


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