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A rare mid-week, fall post.  Too many things happening and a breaking development that needs mentioning.  For those wondering, we have not been intimidated into giving up our rights to speech, opinions  and editorial commentary.

A Battle of Wits or Nit Wits?

The battle between Dyer and Kulls continued over the last few months.  Dyer claimed he possessed a baby bigfoot, that liked Mc’Ds and had some odd anatomy .  Kulls cries hoax, Dyer challenges him to come see it out on the west coast.  Kulls falls for the first part of the trick and leaches some frequent flyer miles and travels to LA, but then has a back up plan when Dyer attempts to get him to travel to the HOLLYWOOD sign where he would be transported to the secret location and does not fall for the rest of the gag.  Both claim victory, Kulls crows of busting a hoax.  We don’t think a few days of time and burning some jet fuel was necessary to figure out it was a hoax, Dyer was clearly going over the top in his claims, but if it helps keep Kulls thinking he is the detective man then all is well.

Take aways from this story:

– Bigfootery can create strange bedfellows, a few months earlier Kulls was exposing and calling out the same guys that were the charity source of the flyer miles to get him out west.

– Dyer is incorrigible and can work angles better than Minnesota Fats, he is sticking to the shooting story and selling a $100 dvd that gets your rights to see the body once it goes on display.

Cyber Offensive Launched Against Some Bigfooters

It would seem that someone(s) are being nefarious and hacking websites and email accounts.  Those that have been victims are revealing, if someone wants to place themselves at the various levels of bigfootery fame, the fact that you have been a target of this effort is enlightening.  Who, where, why, enquiring minds would like to know.

Take aways from this story:

– Use a good password, or at least a robust piece of software.  Change the password often and have a back up.

Melba and Crew Hold a Press Conference

We are still trying to figure out the why on this one, was just too busy to either watch the tape or read the reactions.   A few leading theories are they wanted to recapture some momentum prior to releasing a film or marketing the product as a TV special similar to the mermaid deal History aired (Yo Adrian and other investors would certainly like to see some return), they are trying to get in front of the other study as it nears release, or like many of the fourth and fifth level bigfooters they just want some media exposure.  The whole thing was met with some coverage, many snickers at the local news level and generally a “ho-hum”.

Take aways from this story:

– What little we watched showed some very awkward people and some telling body language.

– Where was Super Dave, the mastermind of the Ketchum study?  Distancing oneself Dave?  Not wanting to show up at a publicized event where service might happen?  Just too busy with the UFO people now?  Nobody willing to spring for the airfare?  Consult Kulls, he is good at soliciting charity.

Broken Neck Mountain

We can only imagine the glee when that crew coined that phrase.  Such a tricky twist to a famous phrase, they probably imagined it would join bigfootery place names like Ape Canyon and Bluff Creek.  Oh the back slapping that must have ensued.

We’ve followed it from afar for a year or more.  Owl calls, deer meeting their natural demise, it must be bigfoot.  But it got better when mis-litigation got involved.  The irony of buddying up to the mountain forefathers and those that a member of the bored use to heap abuse upon as the Bigfoot Research Buster was not lost on us.  The fact that an effort to cut out the main person involved in getting on to the property, fights over ownership of “evidence”, booting people from facebook bigfootery groups  were all too familiar when mis-litigation inserts herself in the mix.  But we digress from the point of this particular part of the post.

Last weekend we had the distinct pleasure of captaining some true patriots, and not the right or left wing political hate speech patriots, we are talking true patriots who serve US.  While they were all experienced, this particular river was new to all but one.  I had a full boat of them, my travel and BFE S-6  pard had four.  They were brilliant and interesting people, it was a pleasure to introduce them to the beast of east and it was an excellent trip.  Like magicians, I cannot reveal all the secrets on how captains select customers and each company does it a little different with repeat customer requests being honored first.  But a certain amount of seniority and a keen eye got me these people and it was a really great day on the river.

Each trip ends differently, sometimes you get a heartfelt thanks, sometimes a thanks and a tip and sometimes you get an invite to unwind in the evening.  In this case we got an invite to stop by and have dinner and some beverages, which is usually a good thing well received.  They invited us back to the cabin they had rented, more like a big house with an amazing porch and view to go along with it.  As we shot the breeze into the evening an owl was startled and let us know about it.  One thing led to another, some campfire bigfoot stories were told and we shared with them the broken neck mountain saga.  Here’s where it gets interesting, three of those customers called themselves analysts.  An i-pad was produced as this rustic cabin had wifi and we proceeded to google up broken neck mountain and show them an aerial photo and some facebook posts from the mountain.  One mid twenty something took an email address and said he could probably tell us more once he had access to his home computer, a clearer mind and some time to look into it.

Today an email appeared, here is the gist of it.  The person who had blogged the aerial thought he had scrubbed it by doing a save as picture and then making it a jpg, but the geo data is still embedded in the file once you know how to crack it open and where to look,  some of the pictures were also from camera phones and that data was also there and confirmed against the aerial.  When you put in those longs and lats it matches, the distinctive drive and pond are there.

Take aways from this story:

Fate can twist and karma is not a concept.  Mis-litigation once revealed a location, took great joy in revealing a location actually.  We did not release her address that was listed in the failed lawsuit, but perhaps a tit for a tat is appropriate.  We did not have a dog in that other hunt, it just seemed very shady to do what she did.

It’s amazing the people we get to meet on the second job, imagine usually making a dozen new friends every weekend for two months.

There are patriots and then there are bitter right-wing, and left-wing blowhards, when you spend time with the real deal it makes your disdain for the others that much stronger.

Ditto the strange bedfellows comment previously made.


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How can one disagree with that appraisal?  Two body hoaxes and now the Ketchum/NABS/Paulides affair in less than two months, what a start to 2013.  Bigfootery is alive and well and, although hard to imagine, is spiraling down in an even more rapid descent.  We have genuine fears for the topic and “bigfoot research”, the carnival barkers seem to be getting more brash and the marks seem to be an easier dodge.  Our internal BFE discussions attempting to explain what is happening come back to a few threads we have touched upon for years, churn, greed, ego, cults of personality, general bigpuffery, perhaps desperation – but the scale – it’s growing exponentially.  And the noise, it is giving us a collective headache.  And the bigfootery, simply shameful, making anyone remotely interested look foolish.

First came Mr. Ed with the Daisy hoax.  It fell apart pretty quickly, he catfished a number of researchers, they eventually ducked and covered.  Most saw through it, we tagged Ed years ago, but some held out hope to the bitter end.  There are probably a few “bigfoot researchers” still in denial and holding out for the chance that Ed had to cover it up after talking too much.

And then we have 1/2 of the Georgia boys coming back with I got a body part two.  He might have started floating his balloon in 2012, but this year is when it gathered steam.  Cue the GW Bush quote about being fooled.  One thing we can say about Ricky is he goes all in, remember the last time and that they played the hoax all the way into a national press conference. We don’t know what is more amazing, that he has people vouching for him or that people spend time on debunking him.  But props to the Squatch Detective for staying on the case and working it, guess he is still a little singed from his last go around with Ricky.  If you go back to 2008, you can see Ricky is playing it in a very similar way, using plants who can appeal to having authority, sticking to his story and ignoring the setbacks when a plant is uncovered and generally enjoying the noise.  And there are still people who cling to this chance, hell some of them are out there swinging away on Ricky’s behalf.  We always thought the Finding Bigfoot Facebook people were terribly unskilled and naïve, they’ve proved it with this particular hoax.  Tell you what Ricky, you produce the monkey to our satisfaction and we will do the curtain bet we had contemplated with Ketchum.

Using that as a segue, we now move on to the Ketchum/NABS/Paulides affair, aka the “DNA study”.  Failing a legitimate peer review and interest from an established journal, the Doc, et. al. moved to the back up plan.  They actually started their own journal and self published.   The website was an obvious rush job and amateurish, spelling problems, context and the like.  But when the editor is simply a fellow believer in the forest friends, hosting more than a handful of bigfeet on a small tract not much is to be expected.  It says much about the legitimacy of the study and the journal, and that’s without getting into the real study.  But  when you run the show, as in owning  the journal, you get to make the rules.  We are tempted to grab some of that prestige by renaming this blog the Journal of Bigfootery.    The “DNA Study” has rightly met with much scepticism, even among the faithful of bigfootery.  Some are still clinging to it like a shipwrecked wench on a timber, some are covering their bet by taking a wait and see position, but most knew it was going to be a bust.  Hopefully few have paid the money to actually see the study as there are certainly better ways to spend $30.

Some of the major problems include an unwillingness to release the actual data or place it in genbank where others could give it a look, and absolute refusal to release samples to see if someone could replicate the results, bear/human steak as one of the pillar samples, the challenge of hybrid reproduction and poor or flawed amplification results.  It will be sliced and diced by science.  What may be a saving grace, although it will probably be capitalized –  as in pony up some $$’s if you want to see it – is that it seems the old Ohio River footage was bought up by the same folks funding the study and will be leaked out over the next few months to bolster the “discovery” of bigfoot.

Why do we include Paulides in this affair?   For one, he claims to be some of the brains behind this effort (actually claims that nobody else was interested in DNA until he thought of it, and has gone to the media to announce the publication.  In fact his press release is that this study “proves” bigfoot exists.  The purported results also mirror the drum he has been banging for forest people, not simply an ape.  While others associated with the project ran from it, stating things like, “we only provided some samples”, Super Dave is left to be the advocate, a role he is happy to fill, although bigfootery will be pissing him off by pointing out problems.  What we found is Super Dave is the best, always correct and intellectually superior to all of the rest of the bigfootery rabble, so expect him to rant and correct people immediately.   More on Super Dave soon, we had tuned him out as just an arrogant appendage, but he does deserve his own little post.

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Any “bigfoot researcher” worth his/her salt has followed the long and hyped DNA study.  We’ve done two stories, we were the first to break the Better Business Bureau reputation, rather disreputation, of the principal investigator and we published a connecting the dots type of graphic on some of the folks involved in supplying “evidence”.  The second article portrayed the initial Biscardi connection(s) that dissolved as the project gained steam.

We always watch for the bigfootery angle of these types of events.  Certainly the hype aspect, the believers grabbing and savoring every little morsel and the maneuvers of people being cut out were classic elements of bigfootery.  But one missing element was the money-making angle, one of the keystones of bigfootery.  Well, we have a DNA project exclusive breaking news on the money-making angle.

We have seen and learned about a prototype field bigfoot DNA test that will be hitting the market once the scientific blessing of the DNA is given, published, or at least hyped.  This device will be a one time test instrument for potential bigfoot hair and gives reliable results within 15 minutes.  It is also relatively nondestructive to the hair, only a small part is lost.  The hair is placed on the device and the tip of the hair is held in place by a peelable adhesive.  The device has a patented reagent imbedded as a microfilm that comes in contact with the hair.  The “bigfoot researcher” then adds readily available fluids to activate the reagent.  Results appear in a simple graphical form, within a few minutes a “bigfoot researcher” will know if they reliably have a sasquatch hair sample and if it is worth sending it on, in a prepaid envelope, for further testing.  It is reported further testing will be “reasonably priced” and a certificate of authenticity and attainment will be sent if the detailed lab results confirm initial testing.  This certificate is reportedly one of three that will be required to be a Certified Outdoor Collection Keeper of Bigfoot.  A picture of the prototype device follows, but our source is telling us they will be changing to a camo color, adding a splash guard and building in a small glow stick for night operations.

Look for the official Bigfoot DNA Field Analysis kit to be marketed by the DNA entrepreneurs soon.  You can join the facebook page to get on the waiting list for what is going to be the “must have” “bigfoot field researcher” “scientific” doo dad of the summer of 2012.

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Frisch’s Big Boy is reporting that the DNA study paper by Ketchup has been kicked back for the lack of a testable hypothesis.  This is one of the few times when we think Ol’Mathew might be correct and not blowing smoke.  There’s definitely some conflict between some of the principles purportedly involved in the study and Big Boy so it could be wishful desire for a fail but we think not.  The paper had an uphill battle, penned by a DVM and attempting to prove a biological entity with no specimen and lacking other clear evidence.  The only glimmer of hope is that the study would be peer-reviewed outside the realm of bigfootery.

As we talked about this development around the BFE virtual water cooler we attempted to come up with an idea for a hypothesis that might be testable.  One must understand the underpinnings of most of the staff around here, engineers deal with testable hypothesis that are practical and a bit mundane.  Questions like will this fail under the following environmental factors?,  can this design attain __X__ levels of performance, things like that.  We are certainly not the best suited to deal with DNA, pure academic science or biology.  But those factors rarely inhibit greater bigfootery, so here goes.


A sample of DNA collected from contemporary primates across the United States (the submitted samples) will exhibit greater variation than DNA from historical native americans.

The reason we thought this would be a good null hypothesis is that intuitively one would think it provable.  If it was not provable, then one has to consider the sample and how variation is similar or less than those of native americans, especially with a wide geographic representation.  What we are getting at is the idea that if there are sasquatch their mobility, shall we say their mating range,  is far less than modern humans and closer to historical native americans.

And that’s that.  We admit a lack of biological and academic science, so shoot us down if you wish.  Maybe there is a thread that someone could tease into something better than what we put forth.  If you want to build something, we can probably be of more  help.

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Should be focusing on the HAR area of the genome.  HAR1 and HAR1F could be particularly insightful if they can take it down to that level.

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