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Before heading out to the PNW version of Palm Springs, a brief idea and a few quotes.

The Idea – Hosted the analysts again, it is nice to get repeat customers ask for you.  Boss takes notice.  During the second annual fire water and fire get together, we were discussing bigfootery, how one needs a scorecard to keep all the personalities straight and to try to keep up with the latest alliance, falling out or cultation.  Her suggestion was a relationship tree, something they use all the time.  It is a graphical approach to mapping people and the interrelationships.  We were keen on the idea until we started to reflect upon the Facebook explosion and how dynamic the relationships are.  You would literally need software and have to spend time on it nearly every day to fully map the relationships.  We also realized that as we found the hubs, many would be quite pleased they yield such influence and power.  Perhaps in the future, but that is doubtful as the following quotes sum up our opinion of bigfootery at this moment.  Enough said, some will get it, some will get some of it, many will have it fly right past them, dat’s bigfootery.

“The Bigfootery Index (BI) is a function of Facebook groups and members cubed times the number of bigfoot shows on TV.  The BI has reached critical mass, there is no shutting that sucker down now. ”

BFE Founder and Chief Muck Stirrer

“That was the trouble with the supernatural, Vimbai thought–you didn’t know what laws ruled it, and what was a coincidence and what was a sign and what was weird and what wasn’t. It was like a whodunit, only the clues refused to be arranged into any sort of hierarchy or a straight narrative, and most of the time it wasn’t even clear if they indeed were clues; a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces were blank.”
Ekaterina Sedia

“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

John F. Kennedy

“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also at you.”



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It seems he was a card carrying member of Roger Patterson’s bigfoot club and recipient of his newsletter as a youngster.  So, his interest in sasquatch was indoctrinated at a young age and not as an adult and academic that happened upon the topic and bravely sailed into the trying academic waters of science mainstreamer’s view as being on the fringe.  This erodes our already dimming view of the foot doc, can someone say confirmation bias?  We previously posted a “scholarly” article where he attempted to use a bit of science and flawed logic to validate one of his religiously based beliefs, so perhaps we are getting more of the same with the bigfoot stuff.  He is certainly trying to turn a few bucks from it, which we are mostly ok with.

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Blurring lines is big in bigfootery.  The hucksters have to swerve and spin often.

When you sue someone with, in our opinion, greed, unclean hands ( a legal term that  fit) and a mean spirit in your heart, and then utterly lose, you gotta blur some lines to salvage the situation.

When things are slow for the conference you promote you gotta blur the lines.   You tell the masses the lodging is almost sold out and you will end ticket sales in a week.  Fact is a search of the lodge shows two types of rooms with at least nine available (the highest number you can reserve at one time so there may be more) and weeks later you can still buy the wonka deal.  Blur the lines, certainly don’t mention there is a huge gospel event in the area driving lodging activity.   Huckstering at its’ best.

But those examples are beside the point of this post, we are contemplating if Mountain Monsters blurs the lines.  There are a number of “reality shows” that are blurring lines to various degrees, Amish Mafia comes to mind.  We just wonder what the deal is with Mountain Monsters.  They always have fresh intel, better than average “evidence” from witnesses and generally a bunch of action each week.  In a hit and miss bigfootery world, these guys hit home runs every week.  The Yahoo show was especially action packed in terms of tracks and the calls.  Same thing for the show before that one.  That gets us to thinking about if they are blurring lines.  Another hot topic has been if our Appalachian brothers are like the Amish, they stay clean-shaven until married and then grow a dope ass beard.  Enquiring minds, and all that.

We are also enjoying via the DVR Survivor man.  Les is eloquently framing the  thought process of someone facing the possibility that Sasquatch exists with great rationality.  The videography has also been really good in our opinion.  Standing, well we have run into his type, not that unusual in bigfootery.  The blurring line point, as a call back, is that some of the “bigfoot researchers” we have taken exception to in the past are very Standing like, although they don’t know it and would never admit it.

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It looks as if Courtney may have pegged the foot doc.  Seems any John with the currency (in this case media exposure) is good enough to jump in his bed.

We were going to run an April fool story on a “bigfoot researcher”  filing suit against another for copyright infringement on a picture they did not own and slander, but that actually happened about a year ago.  We did not forget and hope others will not forget this heinous act.

Because of a certain person who has a penchant  to comment upon anything that remotely shows critical thinking that is perceived as criticism of him and his event, and his attempts to take our comment section into the gutter with him, we will probably be putting him on some sort of moderation if we can figure out a way without labeling it spam.

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John Keel’s Operation Trojan Horse.  If you have seen the elephant and heard the owls you will get it, or get it eventually once you read the book.  Focus on Sir Victor.

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Subtitle this the dangers of thinking slightly out of the box and at the same time copying an idea from a TV show.

From the carpetbaggers  that brought bigfootery to the conference scene by telling attendees that a big name was going to attend, and withholding that information and pushing ticket sales days after they knew better, we now  have the experience.  Think of it as a guided haunted trail attraction where the one and only ghoul is bigfoot, well, hoaxed bigfoot.   Taking a page from the bounty, evidence (in this case hoaxed evidence) will be collected and the best capture of the hoax wins.  We anticipate hoaxed prints and somebody dashing around the woods in a gorilla suit.  Here’s an idea for them, get a gorilla mask and put some glow sticks in it, instant eye shine hoax.  Then cue the gorilla suit stage right.

Hoax’y conference hosting a hoax’y haunted trail  snipe walk, bigfootery gold.   But it is free, and worth every penny.  Yuck it up dudes.


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No, not a Bigfootery Enquirer bounty, the TV show.   We especially appreciate the absolute intellectual poverty of those who review the show without watching it.  There is certainly a great deal of biggrumpery over the series, even at this early juncture.  One gem we collected when we watched it off the dvr was Disotell mentioning the sweet spot for dna collection of stools is the leading tip as it has the cells of the pooper.  Now, the self proclaimed expert third and fourth level bigfooters will spin saying Oh, LOL !!!, I already knew that.  But we doubt it.  So there are gems the reviewers and biggrumpers who bitch but do not watch are missing.

Is the series original?  Other than the topic,  it seems they have blended some Survivor with some Amazing Race and then threw in a cooking show elimination process.  They say reality or semi-reality shows are made or broken with the cast, so we are thinking 50/50.  The ratings have not made the Finding Bigfoot folks nervous at this point, we are sure.

Carry on experts, review without seeing something, claim to be a scientist with a high school education, attempt to act like an old hand if you came into this before the age of Facebook or Youtube.

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