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We still have some guarded hopes for this project, but…  We did a connect the dots on who has fed samples and it gets a bit dodgy,including an F from the BBB.  We noted  the people suddenly coming out of the woodwork with leaks as they try to get a few moments of bigfootery fame (third or fourth level “bigfoot researcher” behavior), posturing by some on who is leading the project , not to mention the bear hunter story and the mongrel erectus – sapiens theory.  There are a few boxes we left out of the grid for the moment, those boxes raise litigious concerns for the project in our opinion – giving rise to the spector of the disease we call litigious bufoonicis greedus interupticis indefinitelyicus.

We still hold out hope that this is the year of the sasquatch (actually we will be posting the summer squatchapalooza story in a week or so), but also expect some bigfootery gold before this effort comes to a conclusion.  Here’s our crude connect the dots graphic circa early July, 2011.  Just to cya, this graphic is based upon first hand, second-hand, mystery hand and Mr. Hand’s information, let’s call it purported.

Update:  It would seem that some of the lines of relationship are more historical than contemporary as the infighting over this project is already making old friends adversaries.  Bigfootery gold.


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