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For once we are not talking about Bigfootery Gold but real gold.  One of the weekend indulgences of the founder, editor and stringer wrangler is to record the show Gold Fever.  One of this week’s episodes was from the Bitterroot Mountains.  The host, Tom Massey,  tells a story from his childhood prospecting the area and having what he believes was a run-in with a bigfoot.  It’s a pretty convincing story, behaviors, sounds and the evidence in forms of snapped limbs and footprints are related by Massey.  For those that are into the celebrity or semi-celebrity stories that are on the record, in terms of being aired on TV, one may want to dig up the episode.

One other piece of advice we will provide is regarding one of Massey’s business endeavors, the Gold Prospector’s Association of America (GPAA).  Bigfoot “researchers” may want to investigate the GPAA as for a reasonable annual fee you get access to a bunch of gold claims owned by the GPAA.  Most of these claims allow primitive camping, at little or no cost, and many are in areas some call “squatchy”.  Cheap camping in “swatchy” areas, with the bonus of prospecting, what a deal.

See, every once in awhile we split from the usual script of pointing out the absurdity of bigfootery and offer some decent advice.


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