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A rare mid-week, fall post.  Too many things happening and a breaking development that needs mentioning.  For those wondering, we have not been intimidated into giving up our rights to speech, opinions  and editorial commentary.

A Battle of Wits or Nit Wits?

The battle between Dyer and Kulls continued over the last few months.  Dyer claimed he possessed a baby bigfoot, that liked Mc’Ds and had some odd anatomy .  Kulls cries hoax, Dyer challenges him to come see it out on the west coast.  Kulls falls for the first part of the trick and leaches some frequent flyer miles and travels to LA, but then has a back up plan when Dyer attempts to get him to travel to the HOLLYWOOD sign where he would be transported to the secret location and does not fall for the rest of the gag.  Both claim victory, Kulls crows of busting a hoax.  We don’t think a few days of time and burning some jet fuel was necessary to figure out it was a hoax, Dyer was clearly going over the top in his claims, but if it helps keep Kulls thinking he is the detective man then all is well.

Take aways from this story:

– Bigfootery can create strange bedfellows, a few months earlier Kulls was exposing and calling out the same guys that were the charity source of the flyer miles to get him out west.

– Dyer is incorrigible and can work angles better than Minnesota Fats, he is sticking to the shooting story and selling a $100 dvd that gets your rights to see the body once it goes on display.

Cyber Offensive Launched Against Some Bigfooters

It would seem that someone(s) are being nefarious and hacking websites and email accounts.  Those that have been victims are revealing, if someone wants to place themselves at the various levels of bigfootery fame, the fact that you have been a target of this effort is enlightening.  Who, where, why, enquiring minds would like to know.

Take aways from this story:

– Use a good password, or at least a robust piece of software.  Change the password often and have a back up.

Melba and Crew Hold a Press Conference

We are still trying to figure out the why on this one, was just too busy to either watch the tape or read the reactions.   A few leading theories are they wanted to recapture some momentum prior to releasing a film or marketing the product as a TV special similar to the mermaid deal History aired (Yo Adrian and other investors would certainly like to see some return), they are trying to get in front of the other study as it nears release, or like many of the fourth and fifth level bigfooters they just want some media exposure.  The whole thing was met with some coverage, many snickers at the local news level and generally a “ho-hum”.

Take aways from this story:

– What little we watched showed some very awkward people and some telling body language.

– Where was Super Dave, the mastermind of the Ketchum study?  Distancing oneself Dave?  Not wanting to show up at a publicized event where service might happen?  Just too busy with the UFO people now?  Nobody willing to spring for the airfare?  Consult Kulls, he is good at soliciting charity.

Broken Neck Mountain

We can only imagine the glee when that crew coined that phrase.  Such a tricky twist to a famous phrase, they probably imagined it would join bigfootery place names like Ape Canyon and Bluff Creek.  Oh the back slapping that must have ensued.

We’ve followed it from afar for a year or more.  Owl calls, deer meeting their natural demise, it must be bigfoot.  But it got better when mis-litigation got involved.  The irony of buddying up to the mountain forefathers and those that a member of the bored use to heap abuse upon as the Bigfoot Research Buster was not lost on us.  The fact that an effort to cut out the main person involved in getting on to the property, fights over ownership of “evidence”, booting people from facebook bigfootery groups  were all too familiar when mis-litigation inserts herself in the mix.  But we digress from the point of this particular part of the post.

Last weekend we had the distinct pleasure of captaining some true patriots, and not the right or left wing political hate speech patriots, we are talking true patriots who serve US.  While they were all experienced, this particular river was new to all but one.  I had a full boat of them, my travel and BFE S-6  pard had four.  They were brilliant and interesting people, it was a pleasure to introduce them to the beast of east and it was an excellent trip.  Like magicians, I cannot reveal all the secrets on how captains select customers and each company does it a little different with repeat customer requests being honored first.  But a certain amount of seniority and a keen eye got me these people and it was a really great day on the river.

Each trip ends differently, sometimes you get a heartfelt thanks, sometimes a thanks and a tip and sometimes you get an invite to unwind in the evening.  In this case we got an invite to stop by and have dinner and some beverages, which is usually a good thing well received.  They invited us back to the cabin they had rented, more like a big house with an amazing porch and view to go along with it.  As we shot the breeze into the evening an owl was startled and let us know about it.  One thing led to another, some campfire bigfoot stories were told and we shared with them the broken neck mountain saga.  Here’s where it gets interesting, three of those customers called themselves analysts.  An i-pad was produced as this rustic cabin had wifi and we proceeded to google up broken neck mountain and show them an aerial photo and some facebook posts from the mountain.  One mid twenty something took an email address and said he could probably tell us more once he had access to his home computer, a clearer mind and some time to look into it.

Today an email appeared, here is the gist of it.  The person who had blogged the aerial thought he had scrubbed it by doing a save as picture and then making it a jpg, but the geo data is still embedded in the file once you know how to crack it open and where to look,  some of the pictures were also from camera phones and that data was also there and confirmed against the aerial.  When you put in those longs and lats it matches, the distinctive drive and pond are there.

Take aways from this story:

Fate can twist and karma is not a concept.  Mis-litigation once revealed a location, took great joy in revealing a location actually.  We did not release her address that was listed in the failed lawsuit, but perhaps a tit for a tat is appropriate.  We did not have a dog in that other hunt, it just seemed very shady to do what she did.

It’s amazing the people we get to meet on the second job, imagine usually making a dozen new friends every weekend for two months.

There are patriots and then there are bitter right-wing, and left-wing blowhards, when you spend time with the real deal it makes your disdain for the others that much stronger.

Ditto the strange bedfellows comment previously made.


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Something that is often amusing, and yet frustrating, is the hypocrisy of bigfootery.  Sometimes it is as basic as the old – enemy of my enemy is my friend stuff, but often times it is more complex.  We say hypocrisy is the transmission fluid of bigfootery because it keeps the field moving, sometimes in reverse, but moving none the less.  Ego is probably the gas, ambition the oil, but hypocrisy still plays a major role, like tranny fluid.   Walking the talk is a rare thing to find in some of the advanced level “bigfoot researchers”, convenience and gain mean more, and hypocrisy is a convenient lubricant.  We present four examples for your consideration:

  1. Last year a group made a big issue of witness protection while continuing to have an official in the organization that had penned a blog doing the exact thing that the group said would result in being black listed from their good graces.  As if that was not hypocritical enough,  one of the frequent targets of that blog, a youtubin bigfooter, has now allowed himself to become chummed up with the self-appointed head honcho of the organization.  Does he know this connection?  How can the honcho smile at one of her director’s main blog victims, using him for whatever purposes she pleases?  How can this director still be directing given the bold, public stance of they would not “condone harm coming to witnesses” and “would not allow this type of behavior from one of our members”?  Simple answer to all of those questions – hypocrisy, actually double dog dare hypocrisy.
  2. One of the promoters of an event that we prophetically predicted would be bigstinkery last year recently released a teaser video promoting the event and asking if people are tired of the same old events and the same speakers.  A few weeks later we learned of his involvement in another event that, get this, has the four same speakers as the event had last year.  There might be one new guest, but to us that sounds like the same old event and same speakers, in extremis.  Having it both ways, a hallmark of bigfootery hypocrisy.
  3. Speaking of the event we rightly panned last year, they had a problem with a speaker that they did not have wrapped up before announcing and pimping this famous bigfooter.  When said bigfooter learned this was happening he made it clear he had not agreed and could not attend.  After holding that information back until it broke out in other venues, the disorganizers claimed the guy could not attend for health reasons.  And now what are they saying?  The infamous bigfooter backed out on them and they have learned their lesson by getting signed agreements.  Having it many ways with many, sometimes inconsistent,  excuses, all of which do not rest any blame with the disorganizers,  classic bigfootery.  So which one was it guys, was Bob sick like you said, did Bob shaft you by saying yes and then cancelling like you said, or are you poorly organized hypocrites, we think the latter.
  4. Every once in a while someone who thinks they are established third level or higher “bigfoot researcher” will use the word “Noobs” to describe those who have recently come to bigfooting.  We find the term offensive on many levels, especially when a “Noob” is decrying the “Noobs”.  We find it hypocritical when one of these researchers talks about the damage of the “Noobs” to the “community” and then goes off to take the benefits of speaking to an audience of people they would prejudicially consider to be “Noobs”.   We like new people, it keeps it interesting, provides the churn that the fourth level  carnival barker “bigfoot researchers” need to reinvent themselves and buy their product(s) and the new people may well be the ones that get this done.  More bigfootery hypocrisy.

Our advice to the new and somewhat new bigfooters, avoid the hypocrites, they will use you, abuse you and discard you when you are of no more value in advancing their myriad of agendas.  And if you read or hear someone whining about this blog, deploy your hypocrite detector, it will probably go off.  Like tranny fluid, they may seem sweet, but the stuff will eventually make you sick.  Your mileage may vary, draw your own conclusions with hopefully an informed eye.

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And a fine weekend it was.  As mentioned in an earlier post,  two members of the BFE staff, their spouses and another couple had planned to get away to the mountains over the Labor Day weekend.  The original plan was to take advantage of an offer to use a caboose and get dropped off many miles up the side of Cheat Mountain along the Greenbrier.  One of the crew had done some environmental consulting for the business and was willing to take this month’s retainer fee in trade.  What happened was the company had the chance to rent the caboose to some paying customers, and as it turned out there would be three of their cabooses within a mile of each other.   And so we did a passadena and went to the alternative plan.  We hopped a ride on one of their other trains and went deeper and higher on to the mountain where we jumped off for a two night backpacking trip.  Once dropped off we followed an abandoned rail line higher and deeper into the mountain, there are  a few there from the heydays of the timbering industry, and spent the night.  The second night we retreated back to a stop where they have a shelter, fire ring and a bear proof cache.  We caught the train back down the mountain on Monday.  It was a very enjoyable trip.  No cells, no net, physical, quiet, nearly wilderness.  It was a time to relax, reflect, cuss and discuss.  While we did have something visit camp the first night, while we found some impressive tree damage and we heard a few odd things, no bigfoot folks.  We did have a visual of a bear, he/she fled, and we did find two sets of bear tracks.  We did find a honey hole for some trout, catch and release.

Before dropping off the technology net we did tell our network of stringers, and one of them volunteered to listen to Kull’s show if there was some earth shattering news.  They knew we would not be able to communicate until late Monday afternoon, we really were not concerned as he would play his cards as he saw fit and then we would follow one of a few ideas we had developed earlier in the week.  I did listen to the show today during the commute to and from work.

FYI, Keating has used the date and time of his sighting since he wrote one of his mini books within the same year so it is not a matter of him “forgetting” something.  And Henry, if you don’t care, then why take part?

But overall, we received a kinder review than expected.  Kulls was caught in a circular problem.  If he got it right, then a denial could be issued.  Short of an admission, he did not have all the elements of an investigation; motive, method and opportunity, fully covered.  If he got it wrong, then that would have been embarassing.  We did hear the clue, we understand the clue, we choose not to comment upon the clue.  After all, this mysterious beast is all about mystery.  Will the treasure hunt continue?  Perhaps.

In the meantime we continue to have discussions related to goals, mission and objectives.  Our original idea was to call BS when we see it and point out some of the insanity and misbehaviors, it seems a few hundred folks a day find us interesting.

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Much has been made recently of our choice to remain anonymous.  Critics attempt to minimize opinion or facts brought forth in The Bigfootery Enquirer by pointing to this choice.  As a group of whistleblowers we have chosen this path because:

  • It is the most effective method for us to receive and attract tips.  Those people know that if we can keep our own identities out of the mix we can also do a good job in the same way for them.  It is also how our network of stringers and various hangers-on have grown over the last year.
  • In some cases we are in places as tight as a tick on a Walker Treeing Coon Hound’s ear.  One would be amazed at the circles we travel, the campfires we share and the acronyms we could throw out there.  And that is the key, retaliation would inevitably end that access.
  • So many of the third and fourth level “Bigfoot Researchers”,  aka “Bigfoot Investigators”, aka the elusive and self titled “Bigfoot Field Researchers” are nearly possessed with getting their name out there (the small pond of bigfootery syndrome), we seek neither fame nor fortune just a better informed bigfootery citizenry.

On a related topic we have launched a new contest during our internal virtual staff meetings.  That contest is to bring the best goading, labeling and name calling of the week in emails, blogs, IMs and the like to the staff meeting.  We really get a kick in trading those, especially the indignant, jump on the band wagon ones.  Here’s the funny truth about those behaviors:

  • The commentary always seem  long in name calling and labeling.  It seems the usual intellectually dishonest monikers of  hater, basher and the like are the focus while nobody addresses the facts and the issues we raise.  Attacking the messenger and avoiding dealing with the message, such critical thinkers and scientists.
  • The goading we find funny.  We speculate that many attempt this in the hope of getting a direct email.  While we are not computer geniuses,  rest assured that if we chose to we could bounce an email around and through so many different servers, both proxy and anonymous,  that the IP coming out on the other end would be as frustrating and unfruitful a chase as most of these critics have with the sasquatch.

To end on yet another positive note, one of our crack staff was encouraged to visit the squatchdetective’s website in the last few weeks.  They shared some links to all of us.  While the continuously opening with every click blogtalk shows are frustrating, but certainly drives up the listener numbers, he is growing some good content.  Some of it is plain common sense, but there are some nuggets there for improving the craft of bigfootery.

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The press release speaks for itself.

For Immediate Release

April 10, 2010

Dateline: Lawton, OK.

The Bigfooters Against Lying, Deception, Hoaxing, Intimidation, Cults and Klans has issued the Second Annual Clean-Up Bigfooting Awards.   This year’s recipient of the Debunking – Notable Bigfoot Personality Award goes to The Bigfootery Enquirer for their expose of Don Keating’s claimed sighting.  The very skilful use of Keating’s own words as he described his claimed encounter, combined with using scientific, provable meteorological facts to show that he had lied not once, but twice,  earned this distinction.  To have Keating on the record claiming both a timeframe and the moon was full when they proved that it was a new moon that had already set was the best debunking published in the last year.  Capturing Keating’s words and the data for posterity via MS Moviemaker was also innovative in our eyes.

Other contenders for the award were Melissa Hovey and her work on the Michigan Recording Project and Steve Kulls for his Biscardi and the frozen bigfoot costume series.  In both cases these presentation were lessened by a coloring of vendetta, and in one case culpability was an issue.  They do, however, earn a honorable mention.

Award winning video follows:

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