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As the indubitable Bill Green would say, we rate this show A+++++++++.    There were many  moments of pure humor and many long laughs.

Let’s begin with two things.

First, the Bigfoot Bully Keating enabled Hart the access he needed to make a very funny show.  Those offended, and those that might consider going to or speaking at this event should remember that, because of the bully’s insatiable desire for media exposure, they were and could be exposed to a humorous documentarian.  We say, congrats Donald Keating, you gave those that approach this subject from a truly skeptical and funny angle with some laughs, yet again.

Second, to access the show you are going to need some basic computer skills.  We are not going to give a detailed tutorial, but we do think it is important that “Bigfoot Researchers” get a chance to view the show and see the risks Keating subjects upon people to feed his ego.  Licensing means the show is now only viewable to people in New Zealand, the work around for this is to access a proxy server for your computer located in New Zealand.  That’s the extent of the tip, enterprising “Bigfoot Researchers” will have to figure it out from there.  We would add, in the interest of making sure bigfootery does not totally screw up their access to the net, and especially this blog, once you are done viewing you need to reconfigure your communications so that you are not permanently using the proxy server.  Remember your IP and port settings, or simply run a system restore from a time earlier than the proxy server configuration. 

So what about the show?   A series of interviews with a Gordon Mullet starts and continues through the segment.  Gordon seems to be particularly interested in scat, presenting both theory (bigfoot has a huge rectum) and samples.  Later Gordon expounds upon the ability of bigfoot to change color to his surroundings and zooms in on a picture of one in a field of tall grass.  Mullet takes the blob squatch phenomena to new heights.

A second segment has Hart interviewing a rather verbose witness who walks him through his sighting at Salt Fork.  The use of a speed up/fast forward effect is pretty funny.

There are two segments on Hart’s actual presentation at the conference.  Again, who controlled that dias, don’t blame Hart, blame the sole proprietor of the event.  In the first segment Hart discusses a challenge to the scientific study of the creature, the perplexing discontinuity between shoe size measurement internationally.  He correctly opines that comparing track size measurement by shoe size can lead to errors.  His power point presentation includes some nice shoe graphics comparing size 10’s to illustrate this important challenge to bigfootery.  Bigfootery gold.  This part of the presentation leads to a few smiles in the audience shots, but more frowns, confused looks and hub bub from the serious “Bigfoot Researchers”. 

 In the second segment Hart sets up the audience by talking about how his team is taking track measurements and computer modeling size estimates scientifically based upon that evidence.  You can see the audience perk up and lose some of the disallusion with Hart until he shows the graphic result, a cartoon character that is 2.5′ tall with 1.5′ long  feet.  More hub bub and grousing erupts, but the audience still provides a polite round of applause as he wraps up.

Overall, the show was a farcical look at bigfoot and  mystery documentaries (ala Monster Quest), but especially the “Bigfoot Researcher”.  Hart enjoys the bigfoot buffet at the lodge with a rather odd fellow with background shots of some very overweight people with stacks of empty plates that would intimidate a plate spinning juggler.  Throughout the show, the audience and participant shots seem to be of the oddest looking people.  Seriously odd as in Wal-Mart late on a Saturday night type odd.  One lady speaks of how the UFO’s are watching over the bigfoot, in a spontaneous moment of comic genius Hart yanks the chain on a nearby lamp to wrap up the interview, walk away and leave the big haired lady looking confused.

It is clear that the bully must have worked Hart as he plays a very minor role and only appears at the end of the episode.  In a telling question Hart asks him if he would bet his life on bigfoot’s existance?  Keating replies “no”.  WTF?  The bully is on record, both voice and print on multiple occasions, claiming to have seen a bigfoot.   But his answer is “no”?  Can’t have it both ways, bully, and have us consider you legitimate.  Oddly, this does not seem to be an issue for most “Bigfoot Researchers”, many of whom deserve an appology for what Keating left happen.  In fact, The Bigfootery Enquirer, although amused, demands that Keating apologize to bigfootery in general for his enabling this step backward in research.  We will leave the comments section open on this post so he can make proper ablutions.

And that is our review of Hart’s first episode of Mysterious Planet.  One last thing, which may bring a smile to the serious “Bigfoot Researcher’s” face, at the conclusion of the show Hart attempts a Patty walk re-creation and is shot in the arse.  A metaphor for his hoaxing the hoaxer and the backlash he got from the article that revealed the hoax?

Chief Editor, Founder, CEO, President, International President, Director, International Director, Muckiteemuck and Chairman’s note:  I also took the time to watch the show.  I would add that Hart’s self deprecating humor was not lost on this viewer.  That guy must have a big’ol set of brass ones to get up in front of that crowd.  My favorite scene was during the bigfoot walkabout when the Stonehenge guy supposedly called,  a very creative comedic bit.   I doubt we will be seeing an apology from Keating.  That part is a tongue in cheek satire of how he deals with people he feels has offended him, according to the author.


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