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A quandary exists.  There are  developments that should be noted, but noting them creates conflict.  Is it nobler to point out the absurdity or let bigfootery continue on its’ way, some wise, but many not so much?   We are conflicted over:

  • posting a submitted comment about the sudden rise of event disorganizers using charitable donations as a feel good for their event.  The best part of the comment was where the person speculated that for one of the events the disorganizers could save a little  time (win) and simply not hold the event and donate what they lose in holding the event (charity wins with more money).  Win, win, makes some sense.
  • noting that in the last episode of a certain show getting headliner billing at an event the camera dude and editor both missed a shot that showed a nest/hut that had at least two of the trees showing evidence of being worked with either a hatchet or axe.  Check the pawpaw shot.
  • pointing out that the most legit “bigfoot researcher” on that bill has developed a “scheduling conflict”, perhaps indicating that some of the rumors of misgivings related to sharing the dias with Hollywood researchers might be true.
  • or running the video below that certainly does not add to the credibility of the carpetbagger’s show.


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Nope, not these Killer Bees.  We are talking Killer B’s as in Bigfooters.   And before the killer part is taken out of context in a spate of Facebook post indignities, we do not mean actual killers.

Earlier this week someone bumped the hive of the killer bees.  These particular bees are carpetbaggers who have set up shop north of the Ohio.  And like the real killer bees, not those dudes above but the actual buzzin bees, once the hive was bumped with some legitimate criticism (that could of been constructive if they could check the ego) they came a swarming out of the hive to attack the bumper into submission.  Froggy neck, froggy’s sockpuppet and the drama queen came out immediately to sting.  Their comments were hilarious, but evidently someone was not so proud after the swarming mission was complete and the interloper was vanquished and they have been relegated to the Facebook page admin delete file.   There is some irony in a guy who claims a love for constitutional rights to trample the first amendment, but consistency and actually walking the talk seldom happens in bigfootery.

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With not one, nor two, but three, count-em three “conferences”,  in about a month time span in Ohio we will able to tell.  Actually, there are clues already.

My Bully is back and your goin  be in trouble, hey lahh, hey lahh, my bully is back – think The Angels in 1963.  After a three-year “trial”, he is re-entering  the conference space.  We have heard “trial” is a bit of a stretch and that his franchise payments were being drastically cut – thus the Bully is back.  How deep is his bigfootery bench?  Well, his line-up is essentially the same one he had the last time he sponsored a conference.  Weak bench.

And then one has the Hollywood carpetbaggers.   With one returning mockumentary star from last year and a recent addition of another, rumblings in the “community” are getting louder about the flagging  integrity of the event, and even the legit dudes that are sharing the stage with the made for TV “bigfoot researchers”.

And finally the Apple, Inc. of bigfootery conferences.  They are coming in with one returnee – one of the luminaries and some new blood.  But we suspect they are having a greater bench strength challenge given some much activity in one place in such a short time.

Will bench strength thin the herd?  Perhaps.  But given some of the egos involved, the potential profits, the potential for worship and conference groupies, we seriously doubt it.  One will simply see the current trend, a gradual decay in quality and relevance and more frankenbites.

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It seems he was a card carrying member of Roger Patterson’s bigfoot club and recipient of his newsletter as a youngster.  So, his interest in sasquatch was indoctrinated at a young age and not as an adult and academic that happened upon the topic and bravely sailed into the trying academic waters of science mainstreamer’s view as being on the fringe.  This erodes our already dimming view of the foot doc, can someone say confirmation bias?  We previously posted a “scholarly” article where he attempted to use a bit of science and flawed logic to validate one of his religiously based beliefs, so perhaps we are getting more of the same with the bigfoot stuff.  He is certainly trying to turn a few bucks from it, which we are mostly ok with.

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Links to our stories over time, prophetic.

First – we claim bigstinkery and shadyness because the organizers are staying anonymous and thus have no track record.

Second – bigstinkery is realized as the headliner says – no, never committed to them, won’t be attending – and that info is withheld for an indeterminate period

Third – we let the organizers know that the lie that the cancellation was due to “health” is known and they have now achieved Big, Big Bigstinkery.

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You probably did not know, or care, that one of our stringers knows Bob in more than a passing way.  When he read your announcement that he would not attend your event due to “health reasons” he was naturally concerned and did some checking.

If you are smelling smoke about now, Arthur,  that would be because your pants are on fire and your nose is growing.  BIG Bigstinkery.   The more this event unravels the more we think the first article was prophetic.  We may have to coin yet another term, The BigClusterF.

We are hoping this is the last we have to cover this debacle but thought you should know what we, and others, know.

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As the speaker line up is down, it would seem that the star attraction, Bob Gimlin, did have to cancel.  It would seem the bigstinkery label fits.  Here’s a little tidbit, less than a day ago, and well after the folks behind the curtain knew about this development, they were urging people to get their reservation in for lodging.  And these are your “friends” and people to trust with your time and money?  Kinda stinky, taking time to plug the event but not the time to make sure people know what they are getting into.  If someone has second thoughts, most hotel’s cancellation policy is to certainly refund deposits with a nearly two month notice.

Karma, incompetence or happenstance?  Not sure.  Still stinky  giving “bigfoot researchers”  the old used car sales rep rush to put a deposit down when they know the vehicle is not what the customer thinks it is.  Let the fussing begin, well actually,  continue.


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