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Links to our stories over time, prophetic.

First – we claim bigstinkery and shadyness because the organizers are staying anonymous and thus have no track record.

Second – bigstinkery is realized as the headliner says – no, never committed to them, won’t be attending – and that info is withheld for an indeterminate period

Third – we let the organizers know that the lie that the cancellation was due to “health” is known and they have now achieved Big, Big Bigstinkery.


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You probably did not know, or care, that one of our stringers knows Bob in more than a passing way.  When he read your announcement that he would not attend your event due to “health reasons” he was naturally concerned and did some checking.

If you are smelling smoke about now, Arthur,  that would be because your pants are on fire and your nose is growing.  BIG Bigstinkery.   The more this event unravels the more we think the first article was prophetic.  We may have to coin yet another term, The BigClusterF.

We are hoping this is the last we have to cover this debacle but thought you should know what we, and others, know.

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We cannot claim to have coined the term bigfootery, although we feel we have raised awareness of the phenomena.

We can claim that we coined the term bigpuffery, a term that we use to represent  the propensity of some “bigfoot researchers” to make large and generally unsubstantiated claims that are in the most part self-serving.

Today we coin yet another term, bigstinkery.  We are not referring to Big Stinky him or herself, but rather something that just does not seem to pass the smell test.  In this case we are talking about an event being promoted in Ohio, we are not going to give it much play in terms of naming it or sending people off to see it  because the last thing we want to do is have a commenter come back here and say, “Hey, you guys reported on this event,  and I went and got ripped off.  Thanks, you owe me time, money and some soap to wash away my embarrassment.”  With that proviso, we started to get some tips and did some digging.

Like a buzzard that has swooped down on a still warm carcass, someone jumped on an opening to run an event in Ohio once the Bulldog announced he was not going to do his annual event.  Some say there are really two events in the Ohio, Pa. NY area trading off his decision and trying to copy a profitable model.

We think the one event does not come close to passing the smell test, and is thus Bigstinkery, for the following reasons:

  1. It is being run anonymously by Art Vendelay.  If the name does not sound familiar look it up, it is the name of a character in Seinfeld.  Actually it is a fake name that a character in Seinfeld used , along with a few other obtuse references to the name in other episodes.  That seems shady to us, and others.  One has no idea of the character or capabilities of the person.  Can they deliver?  Will they deliver?  What have they done in the past?
  2. We did a who-is search on the website URL and it comes back blocked by godaddy.  Again, someone covering their tracks.  But for what reason?  See questions above about integrity and accountability.
  3. We remember the layout and organization of the conference that the Bulldog ran for the last year or two when he popped up on our radar and ol’Art, the guy behind the curtain, cut n pasted Keating’s business plan for the conference.  We really dislike intellectually dishonest people who pilfer content, ideas and business plans, it has happened here and in life and we think it is skanky, low and reflective of a less than honest person.  We have been hard on the Bulldog in the past, and deservedly so in our opinion, but someone else using his proprietary approaches without permission does not pass the smell test.  Does the Bulldog have some rights to correct this wrong?  Lesser litigations have been launched for lesser things, but our contacts are telling us he is done with bigfootery, he went, he saw, he got the t-shirt.  If you have to copy the business plan, is there any chance you are smart enough to pull it off?  Doubtful.
  4. In looking at the site, there seems to be a priority on selling, whether that be reservations or ugly t’s.  Another bigstinkery factor.

We know what you are thinking right about now.  “Hey BFE, you run this site anonymously, whats the difference?”  Three things come to mind.

  1. We do not ask for people’s money upfront before anything is delivered.  We don’t ask for money, period.
  2. We do not make promises we cannot deliver.  We might be late sometimes, but we don’t post a schedule of events that we steal from someone else.
  3. We do not ask people to commit time and resources to attend things on the faith that it will happen.
  4. Bonus item – we have demonstrated our bigfootery street cred., our knowledge and insider information, cannot judge anything about this event without a name, or names.  The site is pretty much crap as well.

To sum it up, we are saying there is bigstinkery afoot up north.  Fake names, blocking URL registrations (does that cost more, and if so geez what is being hidden that it is worth extra money to do it?) and swiping people’s ideas are not the qualities of someone we would consider sending money or investing our time and other resources.  “Bigfoot Researcher” beware is our advice.  There is an article on here we did about the shady paranormal business that we will dig up and copy into this post, one might want to read it before parting with money or making a hotel registration.  This thing just has a bigstinkery feel to it.

One last thought.  Wouldn’t it be funny if Keating had adopted this approach and was the person hiding behind the curtain?   Now that would be bigfootery gold and show such brilliance that we might have to tip our hat and purge some posts.  And a bonus promise, if it turns out to be Erik Beckjord we will take the whole darn blog up the hill, into the woods, and plug it like the father did to the daughter’s laptop.  Another thought, does the mysterious organizer even know who Erik is?  Sorry, rant and ramble.

Oh hell, we might as well start this rumor as the lack evidence leads in that direction as well as any other.  Tom Biscardi is coming to Ohio to hold a conference, the first 100 attendees get a complimentary bicycle horn.

And heres the post we mentioned earlier about the risky paranormal pop business, just click.

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This post is the first of a few focusing upon Salt Fork State Park.  It is our Yang and Yang Series of Salt Fork, signifying that it is a dark place that is out of balance in bigfootery.  We are going to start with a tip that we received via our comments section.  That tip provided some information that needed some fleshing out and verification before publication.  That work is now complete and we start with a rather disconcerting answer to the above question; Are Bigfooters A Danger to Salt Fork State Park?  The answer is that some are a real and present danger to the park and may have potentially transported a pest that would decimate the forest there.

Let’s start with a video introduction:

In that video you can gather three important things:

  1. The Bully is in the park and gathering some media exposure, imagine that.
  2. At least two other persons, the Jahn’s, are present.
  3. There is a campfire burning.

Our contact mentioned the Jahn’s and that they lived in Ohio in a County named Delaware.  We were able to verify that fact, it is important.  Our tipster also mentioned another individual that lived in Portage County, Ohio.  The important threads with these three people and two Ohio counties is that they supplied firewood for these little “research” outings possibly breaking the EAB firewood quarantine in Ohio.  Checking this fact was tough, we have the video and then developed some confirmation from our amazing midwest stringer, we are pretty confident of that fact and that Keating was not providing the firewood.  What is an EAB quarantine?  When we received the comment that was one of our first questions, along with so what?

EAB is the Emerald Ash Borer, a non-native pest to Ohio.  As the name implies, it attacks ash trees and can kill them in a matter of a few years.  Ohio speculates that the borer arrived in Toledo and has alarmingly worked its way further into Ohio and surrounding states.  It spreads mainly through the moving of firewood.

Here’s a link to learn more from the official Ohio EAB website.

Are bigfooters a danger to Salt Fork State Park?  Yes.  Bigfooters are dragging firewood into Salt Fork from counties that are infested by the EAB.  When, and it is a matter of when, the borer is officially detected there the park will have a choice, they can log the ash trees or wait for them to die.  This will certainly be a disaster for the park.  Sadly, our lead provided us with at least four names of bigfooters that brought  or encouraged bringing firewood into the park violating the quarantine.  We see this bigfootery as some of the Yang in Salt Fork.

Stay tuned for more Yang about Salt Fork.  Some of the things going on are problematic, but not the disaster that the EAB quarantine violation represents.

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