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The above observation based upon Dyer’s deal.  It is in conflict to that RV, playboy/penthouse chicks video, but then again that one was ready to lay some pipe.


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Nope, we are not talking about the whole tree marker stuff.

Damn you Moneymaker.

It seems that every time we get some distance from OOPS, now known within the BFE staff as the Apple Caper, you suck us right back in.  We have had some sharp words to say about Finding Bigfoot, aka Finding Bigpuffery, especially in the first season.  What we have come to appreciate about the show is the wise casting and the reach of the show in terms of locales.  Admittedly most of us at the BFE are not inclined toward travel to places where the political, security and basic infrastructure isues are a threat to our health and well being.  Trips to the UK or an English-speaking Central American country are the limits of our toleration for those types of risks.  Some would question what a few of us jump into in terms of rivers and creeks, but at least that risk is largely within our control as opposed to ending up in regions where there are State Department advisories.  Props for traveling into those places.

But we digress.  We are damning Matt because of his recent statements about bigfoot possessing the ability of bioluminescence, essentially generate light through their eyes.   Matt comes out every once in awhile with a statement that most of bigfootery jumps on.  The self anointed “experts” will pull up their soapbox and start to lecture the “community” on how the idea  outrageous .  They will point out facts based in biology, what few animals posses such a characteristic, how it is not been discovered in any pongids (they like to use those scientific terms to seem expert like) and generally how uninformed such an outlandish statement is and how it reflects badly upon these “experts” and the “community”.  Are we damning him for the same reason as the “experts”?  Hell no.

His comment pissed at least two of us off as it dragged us back to the time of the Apple Caper and our personal experiences, some not so pleasant, with the bigfoot traffic lights.  Moneymaker’s comment  demonstrates that he has been down it, he has mixed it up with these things.  It also points out that some of these third and fourth level bigfoot researchers  who are laughing at the comment and providing “expert” evidence on how this cannot be true have not truly mixed it up with these things.  They would sing a different tune or just stay quiet if they had.  Once you experience the bigfoot traffic light, by that time you have also experienced a few other bigfoot related things, you realize you are dealing with something weird.  And we have been traffic lighted at night with only ambient natural light , sorry to bust the expert bubble that it must be reflection from a human light source.  Pretty certain this was not the case.

So damn you Moneymaker for taking us back to the Apple Caper.  Here’s our interpretation of the bigfoot traffic light :
Green – they are cool, curious, perhaps taken by surprise, no threats or annoyances detected.  They often think they have not been detected at this point.  Green is really hard to see, faint.  They do blink at this point.
Yellow – the surprise has passed, they are processing the situation and sensing some things they are not comfortable with, someone has violated some space parameter, they might not like the tactical situation in terms of egress, someone has noticed them and giving them attention or directing others to their location.  Blinking slows.
Red – they are pissed at the hairless piss ants.  Certain warnings that usually work to back off the piss ants have not worked, the piss ants are in the way of them getting to food, shelter or  others, the hairless piss ants are answering and escalating the behaviors that generally send the piss ants a runnin.  Blinking is almost gone.

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