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Those two terms could apply to bigfootery but today they apply to The Bigfootery Enquirer.  This entry is 99.5% off topic, fluff that borders on puffery, bigpuffery if you may.  Now that is a term that will get some use.  It may deserve a separate entry, complete with examples from the fourth level “bigfoot researcher, aka bigfoot investigator”.

For months we have been following a person who is walking across the U.S.  He has been doing a mostly picture blog of his travels.  We have found that he has a good eye for photography and a quirky sense of humor.  Walking provides a perspective that is so different from how most people experience this nation thanks to the car.  He has just entered Washington on his way to Oregon and the coast.  There’s the bigfoot angle, he has both the Cascade range and the coast ahead of him.

I predict that he will encounter, photograph and likely capture a sasquatch within the next two weeks and we are slipping secret messages to our friends that it is a done deal.  Absurd?  Yes.  Heard it before?  Yes.  Bigpuffery?  Absolutely.

And here’s the link to his I’m Just Walking site.


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A few have asked about the blog’s banner photo.  It is a portion of a picture from one of my favorite places,  an “undisclosed location” within the Appalachian Mountains.  Actually it is from the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina, the “undisclosed location” bit is just a bigfootery term that the aspiring high level “Bigfoot Researcher” should learn.  In the sense that my photos have been published in newspapers, books and on-line, and I have received compensation for them, I could use the bigfootery tendency to claim more than achieved and call myself a professional photographer.  But really, I am just someone who likes to capture places and moments in time with photos.

As an aside, the Brushies have many apple orchards and seem to have a decent amount of bigfoot related activity in the late summer and into the fall, perhaps I should have kept it an “undisclosed location”.   Your mileage with the locals will definitely vary.

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