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Perhaps, the bigfootery jury is still deliberating.   The 4th and 5th level “bigfoot researchers, aka bigfoot investigators, dba sasquatch investigators” are circling to get a whiff of the sea winds before committing, although we are sure some are eyeing this as an opportunity in one way or another.  Our hunch is a cautious no, although there are some flags a poppin.

Let’s look at some commonalities.

  • The foundation of both books is the concept of close interaction with a bigfoot.
  • Both end up with a single person’s word as the sole basis of the truth.
  • Family, or at least groups, of Fox and Friends are in both books.
  • Both witnesses claim convincing pictorial evidence stolen before it can be presented.
  • Both books are authored by females.

Some dissimilarities at this point.

  • The witnesses are of different sex and one remains anonymous.
  • Williams comes to the table with more “researcher cred” and better polish in delivery and presentation of the content.
  • The Ruskies, nor any of the famed or defamed,  have set foot on site, yet.
  • Fox tends to have a more sophisticated pallet given his preference for garlic, and not the cheap powdered crap.

We will be watching and reading as this event develops, there is certainly a chance for some bigfootery gold.


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To satisfy the curious I provide the following.  Two of the core BFE correspondents and the lovely Mrs. BFE make more than cameo appearances.  If that does not hold your interest, and “Bigfoot Researchers” are known for the use of the word “interesting”, just watch for the music and the epic carnage.  It is also a practical illustration of our adage, don’t do the crime unless you are willing to do the time.  Enjoy.

Where’s Waldo Video

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