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As Gomer used to say.  Well, we’re back, at least on a limited basis.  Fall is always a busy time with the Big G and frankly the schedule just stayed hectic doing a little teaching of our future double-bladed stars, work, family, all that stuff that should take precedence over a yet to be discovered creature/human/ape/hybrid/shape shiftin sum of a gum.  But what we did confirm during the spring, summer and into fall was that bigfootery is weird.  The people are weird, some well beyond that label.  Some are mean, cranky cranks who were obsessed with us and shutting us down.  Sorry Art and Free Willy, you get a fail on that one.  But then it got worse.  Let’s just say we had some close interactions with something very weird, unexplainable – it honestly scared the crapola out of the Editor/Founder/Head Muck Raker and a quick consensus to let things alone was in order.  And then things got even more odd.  So a sojourn from bigfootery was in order and was ordered.  And if you have followed bigfootery these last months, there was plenty of meat on the bone for us to chew on, just no appetite.

Months ago the old crew of the BFE got together and a bet was almost made.  It would have been in the form of promise to our loyal, sometimes angry, often goofball readers and detractors.  We had so much faith in not having faith in the good Doc Ketchum, and remember we broke the BBB info that we still getting touched upon by the sane detractors, that we were ready to make a pledge to come out from behind the curtain if the Doc managed to get her study published by the end of this year.  We were planning another get together just to take the company pictures.  We were contemplating all the usual bigfootery media, on-line radio shows, youtube, faceplace, all that stuff all at once.  Heck we even considered having our own conference where the audience would slowly but surely get staff intros as we would come out and give a talk.  It would have been a bigfootery event that would have left the “community” agog, or at least more agog than usual.  We were confident on the outcome, so there was little to no risk, and it looks like we were right.

So what brought the BFE back?  One of the stringers was adamant over not disappearing as it gave the psychobully’s an idea that they had succeeded and reinforced their misbehavior. 

While that perspective has some merit, it was one of the events in Finding Bigfoot that was the impetus.  In the last episode they tried using a siren to illicit a response.  The response they got was something, some energy, some weirdness crashed a tree after they tried the siren.  Let’s just say that event rang true with a small group of us.  Here’s where the weird comes on strong – we had a similar experience, only this was in daylight and it involved three trees.  One at the top of the hill, one part way down and one at the edge of the tree line.  Yeah, that’s strange but there was nothing visible with the last tree, and we were close enough that the tree ripper should have been easily seen.  Moral of this story, things can get weird out there when you are being confrontational and using game cameras and motion sensitive lights and noise makers in attempt to prevent apple stealers from raiding an orchard.  It can lead one to resolve never ever to mess with bigfootery again, or at least take a few months off until a damn TV show brings one back.

In other news, I2I&S continues to an eventual conclusion.  There was a speed bump during peer review about ethics, who knew sociologists would actually have ethics, but that issue has been put to rest.

See you all in a month or two.  They’re out there, don’t screw with em, just let em be.


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