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We get it.  Hate speech, bully’s , threats and spin as vicious as a windmill in a hurricane.  We have figured out it is foolish, some would say delusional,  to combat windmills, although the journey has been epic.  Besides, we (at least two of us) need to get prepared and focused for the fall and two months of constant work and travel.  It is a demanding time with little tolerance for poor performance.  There is a post left up that explains this if you do some searching.

Our publishing rate will be going down.  We’ve kept all of the content but pruned it to the background, leaving enough available for those in the public to get a flavor about what we are about.  There are a few important posts in there, we recommend the one about the scarlet B, pseudo science and the dangers of the paranormal pop explosion.

Read This One, This One and This One

While many in bigfootery may think they get this analogy, only a handful or two posses the intelligence and background to get the subtle layers of it.   And that is not meant as a insult, it is a complicated thing that involves literature few explore in depth.   If you visited and never read deep into the history here, this is your chance.  And if you are new, check out some of the posts left for public reading, in our opinion, they are worth your time.



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It can be read by clicking here.

We hope reader’s do not fall for the spin, swerve and damage control feverishly under way.  This is not about is it a real picture or not?  And it’s certainly not about the question of if bigfoot is real, or is it someone’s suit?

For those that ask how the collective staff is doing, we had a good virtual meeting last night.

Is it fun to have people painting us with a broad brush, emotion filled, hot button word like racist?  No.  It’s offensive.  If they only knew.  It is especially offensive given that one of the persons cyberbullying us said, “Now, some of his close friends have joked with him about his close resemblance in appearance to Kim Jong…” and then mutter we are racist.

Is it a ball of fun to be the target of political hate speech?  Ehhh, who really cares.  It reflects more poorly upon the person spewing it.

Is it fun to be threatened like:

“Are you afraid of me? You should be!”

“Go ahead, reveal yourselves cowards, I would love to have a run in with you someday at a conference. It would be an honor!”

We won’t even get into a comment that was left.

Not much, but it is very offensive to see someone bullying people over the first amendment.  Some of us fought for it, and most everyone has  fathers, mothers and forefathers who sacrificed greatly to defend those rights.

Does it feel good to have this blog reduced to simply a money-making proposition?  Not as bad as the other stuff but it is still offensive.  Facts are, we make no money, the ads appear from WordPress in exchange for our ability to store content and use their great software.  It is a fair proposition that makes us nothing and costs us time.

The other deflections of what our agenda is are simply the usual spins when someone points out a misbehavior, they are stock in trade of some of these bigfooters, seen it many times before.  If we wanted to have spent the time, we could have predicted most of this, and we could pick apart the arguments.  But ultimately it is all deflection in the hope of this going away, who knows it may work.  Who knows, we’re pretty split on how we proceed.

We will offer two predictions, we are thinking a book will be written like 50 Large, and it can be parlayed into paying back the lawyer and perhaps a few conference gigs.  Also,  this post will be panned in an attempt to further deflect the failed litigation and all of the issues that surround it, the old if I can make it about them instead of me swerve.

In the days ahead further spins will develop, and she and friends always have the fogging of memories over time and churn to sweep this away.  Some will remember, many of the long timers have seen this before and it simply confirmed their conclusions, and some will buy the spin.   And that is ok, it’s bigfootery after all.   Will she go away?  Oh heck no, this video sums it well.

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With prejudice is important.  It frequently indicates the court’s opinion of misconduct upon the part of the claimant and forbids both parties from filing another claim.

A settlement agreement was brokered by the magistrate, we imagine both parties got a piece of his mind, but especially the moving party.

Stipulations include:

  • Both parties responsible for their own cost and attorney fees.
  • Removal of and cease further disparaging or defaming remarks towards each other.
  • Hovey must file within 20 days, at her own expense, a disclaimer and forfeiture of her registration of her claim to copyright in the “Photograph”.

We suspect this did not work out quite as she hoped, out filing fees, attorney fees and loss of her copyright claim instead of $75k or more.

Two opinions:

  • We feel sorry that Poling got pulled into such a trivial matter and had to spend money.
  • People should remember that she was willing to risk giving up the identity and location of her witness during discovery in the hope to make some money off this suit.  We think that’s a violation of ABS rules, but who needs no stinkin rules when you are the Pres.  Fine hair to cut as she will cut it as part of a swerve, she never had to, but it would have happened if she continued down the path she had set in motion.  And that is how it will be spun, she nobly withdrew to prevent it – baloney.

We are outraged someone would put a witness, nay a bigfoot who posed for the best bigfoot picture ever, at risk that way.  Outraged, flabbergasted, shocked, chucklee  chucked.

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First, baiting bigfoot advice for advancing the collective knowledge.  Some call it gifting, some call it offerings, few call it baiting as that seems to bump into the realm of hunting.  Our opinion is that we doubt it works very well with one exception.  The exception is bait in its natural form, forget peanut butter or the nicely laid out paper plate with a variety of healthy snacks.  What has worked for us is to find either a current or preferably abandoned orchard, heavy berry patch, or even someone’s home that might have a few hobby fruit trees.  That bait they will take, and they will also get pissed if you try active measures to deter said pilfering.

And now on to bigfootery baiting.  Every once in a while we tend to find it informative (and yes fun) to stir things a bit, we term it bigfootery baiting.  It can be insightful and often yields some interesting reactions, some people go out and play with the squatch, we sometimes play with the squatchers.  We placed some very enticing bait out recently and it drew in a few beasts, the reaction was beyond what we expected, but the usual suspects and spins did show up.  At this point we will be taking down that post as it served the intended purpose.  And while his friends can evidently joke with him about the similarities between himself and Kim Jong, it is racist and terribly inappropriate for others to do so.  We do apologize to Bruce Harrington if he took personal offense, those that smelled a chance to draw blood, well, you were had….again.  Before we leave this paragraph here is something to chew on, could we be one of those “friends” who joked with him as an agent in place, or even more perversely, could we be a false flag operation?  Bigfootery intrigue has more than one example of both, hmmmm.

So what did the bait bring in.?   A resident of the Old Domininion who was macho’ly thumping his chest, actually made threats and somehow derived our political views, which resulted in a particularly humorous rant about the leftist.  Instead of watching sasquatch in Va., you might want to consider your blood pressure.  Maybe your pro wrasslin son could cash the check you want to write, but you?  This rant we rate bigfootery silver.

And predictably, someone who loves the drama also grabbed the bait.  While her particular rant was less impassioned, it made up with it in terms of inaccuracy and flawed logic.  Sorry, bigfootery bronze to you.

All in all a wise investment of our 5 minutes that probably took up hours of their time, on a Saturday none the less.  Don’t you people have better things to do on the weekends?  Us liberals like to do some protesting, some 57% taking of other’s hard earned money, call some friends on our free cell phones and then drink a latte’.  For the dense, see above, that is satire.

So we are removing the bait and calling this particular hunt better than most, almost as good as the one when we darkened the blog for a few days.

We also feel obligated to make the following pronouncement, cross our hearts and hope to die, that ganglian dude is not on our staff, he may contribute comments but we have no way of knowing that for sure.  So leave him alone if you can resist the urge to continue with your petty, jealous battles with people who do not agree with your views and toe the company line.  We can take a page from someone’s playbook just like you two.

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