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“the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true” (American Dialect Society, January 2006)

Read, think, scratch head, reflect, repeat.


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With a nod to the relatively new bigfootery tactic of cyber pan handling, we announce our entry into a fund us now campaign.  Using a multi-faceted approach of spam emails for unclaimed funds left by relatives who were mining engineers in Gabon, a new line of hats, t-s and a snappy coffee mug and the cyber panhandling currently popular, it is our goal to raise $27,099.  This breaks out into $25k for attorney retainers, $1199 for a new Jackson Zen yak and about $900 for outfitting, especially a new Rivrstyx. What will those that participate in our bigfootery cyber begging campaign get?  We guarantee that with that money we will get a picture.  It will be clear and beyond dispute.  It will be a photo of team BFE, so we are confident it will happen. Thanks for reading, give early and give often.  Give until your wife or significant other notices the money is gone and threatens to dope slap you.

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Christmas has come and gone, let’s see the ideal gifts received by those on the naughty and nice list.




Bigfootery’s Courtney Love – as we said before,  unfiltered opinions voiced under the influence is sexy in a train wreck sort of way.

Gift Received – A hangover cure book – http://www.thriftbooks.com/w/50-ways-to-cure-a-hangover_cara-frost-sharratt/1187799/?isbn=1846014050&mkwid=LrWSUK76|dc&pcrid=63635728032&gclid=CIf3vtX-98ICFUtgMgodc3MAnw

The folks over at the Facebook coalition page, for culling the sewer that is Facebook bigfootery and providing us the best of the whackadoodles

Gift Received – Sasquatch Coffee – http://squatchcoffee.com/

Bob Gimlin – was he hoodwinked, or did it happen?  Not sure, but he is a gracious man to those that seek him out.

Gift Received – a time machine with 15 minutes on it in case he wants to go back and have a second chance to solve this enigma – in other words pull the trigger

Bobbie Short – RIP – for being a tireless chronicler of all things bigfoot.

Gift Received – time with the creator

Todd Disotell – for being open-minded, to some degree, pushing the boundaries of hairdom and providing some tips, reason and class on a show that was sorely lacking all of those elements.

Gift Received – some funky hair coloring gels


Miss-Litigation – lifetime achievement award for being vindictive, not walking her talk and relying upon the churn for new admirers.

Gift Received – one of those MIB memory erasing flash pens to solve the problem of those who have been in  bigfootery long enough to see the whole sad saga.

Most all of Facebook Bigfootery –  for giving a voice and easy venue for the whackadoodles and their worshipful drones/enforcers/digital KGB

Gift Received – a new hobby that does not include a computer

The Carpet Baggers – for carpet bagging and having pockets that are deeper than their integrity and good sense.

Gift Received – A new marketing slogan – “Can’t attend another bigfoot conference because it is sold out, come to ours, lots of seats and elbow room.”

The Foot Doc – for reaching even higher levels of selling one’s bigfootery soul for dollars and exposure.

Gift Received – $500 k, invest it wisely and it should solve the burning desire to make bigfootery dollars.

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